Is My Furnace The Right Size For My Home?

Is my furnace the right size? Finding the right furnace for your home is important to high quality heating and air conditioning. The correct furnace keeps your utility bills manageable while elevating home comfort.

Most homeowners think the bigger the furnace, the better the heating and air conditioning. Though there is some logic in this thinking, oversized or undersized furnaces are more problematic than beneficial.

Furnaces that are too large or small for the home result in:

  • Uneven heating and air conditioning temperatures
  • Greater energy expenditure
  • Decline in home comfort
  • Stress on the central air system
  • More AC maintenance and furnace maintenance
  • More air conditioner repairs and furnace repairs

A Slower Burn Results in Efficient Cycling

A larger furnace provides greater velocity in distributing heating and air conditioning and heats the home quickly as a greater amount of air is conditioned at one time. This causes the central air system to turn off and on several times during the hour, putting excessive stress and wear on the furnace.

Gas furnaces come in different powers and sizes to serve the specifications of your home. High efficiency furnaces, such as those available today, work to heat the air in your home gradually so that the air conditioned is uniform and system performance is as efficient as possible.

When air is conditioned cool, the air coming out the vents is 20 degrees cooler than the air entering. When air is heated, air that reenters the home is between 90 to 100 degrees.

Though air is conditioned at a lower temperature, this ensures a consistent indoor temperature that remains comfortable for longer periods of time.

Furnace Maintenance for a Healthy Central Air System

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The duration of each cycle depends on the outside temperature, the type of insulation provided for your home and the indoor temperature. As a general rule of thumb, the central air system goes through four cycles each hour to provide the type of air conditioning you want without raising costs.

Central air systems must abide by state local code, which means that unless your furnace and air conditioner were replaced without notification, they should be the correct and authorized size for your home.

When your have your Service Champions technicians visit for AC maintenance or furnace maintenance, they assess the health and condition of your central air system.

Regular air conditioning maintenance and furnace tune-ups prevent costly repairs and early system decline. Twice a year, your Service Champions technicians work to restore its health, cleanliness, safety, efficiency and longevity so that you can have reliable heating and air conditioning all year round.

Service Champions Delivers Superior HVAC Care

Service Champions makes superior heating and air conditioning care a priority for all homes. As the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Los Angeles and Orange Counties, our teams handle your furnace and air conditioner with the most intelligent methods available while delivering exceptional customer care

To learn more about how Service Champions can be your choice HVAC contractors for excellent heating and air conditioning, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or book an appointment online at your convenience.