How To Improve the Efficiency of Furnace Systems

Rising energy costs are always a concern whenever we turn on furnace systems. While most furnaces are relatively efficient there are ways we can maintain efficiency even though furnace systems age with wear and time.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is the most practical method to preserving the health of furnace systems. During these appointments, your furnace contractor provides:

  • Intensive cleaning inside and outside the unit
  • Air filter change
  • Tests for safety and efficiency
  • Adjustments for gauges and meters
  • Removal of buildup and microbiological growth
  • Furnace repairs

Homeowners who schedule furnace maintenance twice year save huge costs on repairs and part replacements. Keeping furnace systems clean and healthy also means that they last longer and work better, keeping energy costs as low as possible. So while the initial cost of furnace maintenance may not seem worth it, these appointments help avoid expensive services later.

Insulation and Zoning

Many homes now have attics already fitted with insulation. If your home is not one of them, it is well worth your time and effort to insulate it yourself or with the assistance of your furnace contractor.

The attic is one of the areas in the home that can leak air. This means that both indoor air can escape through the attic and outdoor air can seep in. As a result, heated air is easily lost or cooled again. Attic insulation prevents outdoor air from entering the home through the attic. In turn, heated air stays warm so that furnace systems do not have to reheat the same air over and over again.

For larger multi-level homes, zoning is a popular option. Zoning divides the home into separate areas. Each area or zone is assigned to one thermostat that controls the heating and air conditioning. This allows you to heat only the one zone of the home that needs heating.

Newer Furnace Systems

Depending on how old furnace systems are, it may be a smarter option to replace central air systems altogether. HVAC technology has never been better. Newer furnace systems today are incredibly energy efficient, smart and ecological. In addition, furnace systems are prepared to serve the home in more ways than only heating and air conditioning.

Consider new furnace systems if:

  • Your furnace system is over 10 years old
  • Your air conditioner and furnace need constant repairs
  • Heating does not feel as good as before
  • Insulation and furnace maintenance have not helped with energy costs

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