HVAC Repairs in Irvine

HVAC Repairs in Irvine

Do you know all the different types of HVAC repairs in Irvine? There are too many to count, but they all affect heating and air conditioning and we almost always know when we need them.

While many homeowners do not know the anatomy of the central air system, they can correctly recognize the symptoms of needed HVAC repairs in Irvine, like:

  • Sharp increases in the utility bill
  • Unreliable or inconsistent heating and air conditioning
  • Inaccurate temperatures
  • Changes in indoor air quality
  • Aggravated allergy and/or asthma symptoms
  • Loud noises during operation
  • Shifts in home comfort
  • Lesser heating and air conditioning
  • Overall dissatisfaction
  • Reduced productivity

When you notice or experience any of these signs, stop using the central air system. Call your technician for immediate HVAC repairs in Irvine. Do not procrastinate. Procrastination only lets repairs grow and multiply. To minimize costs and damages, call as soon as possible for HVAC repairs in Irvine with a contractor you trust.

Heater Repairs

Why is it important to call right away for repairs?

Proper heating and air conditioning is efficient, safe and productive. When parts are compromised, we pay a lot more for less. Additionally, we pay in ways others than time and money.

When homeowners ignore or procrastinate on HVAC repairs in Irvine, they risk:

  • The cleanliness and safety of the home and central air system
  • The health of indoor air
  • The longevity and service quality of HVAC equipment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home comfort
  • Peace of mind

In order for you to avoid this enormous charge, recognize when you need repairs and call your trusted technician for help right away. You save more than your time and money. You protect your home, air and comfort.

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HVAC Repairs in Irvine for Poor Heating and Air Conditioning

Poor heating and air conditioning has a mass effect on the home. It affects home comfort, peace of mind and even safety. If you are experiencing issues with poor heating and air conditioning, there can be many different reasons why and equally many different solutions.

  • HVAC Repairs in Irvine for Reduced Air Flow

HVAC repairs in Irvine for reduced air flow varies. Start with the simplest fix: check the vents and registers. Are there furniture pieces blocking the vents? Are the registers in the open or closed position? While it sound silly, many homeowner almost never check their registers and therefore forget in what position they were left. Before calling for HVAC repairs in Irvine, check your vents and registers. Keep them in the open position and clear the area of any obstruction like furniture or boxes.

What’s another reason why you need HVAC repairs in Irvine for reduced airflow? There might be something stuck in your air ducts. While rare, it is possible that there is waste building up inside the air ducts and creating a block.

It is equally possible that your air filters are completely full with waste. Whenever you prompt heating and air conditioning, all indoor air must pass through the air filter before it is heated or cooled. However, when the air filter is full of particle buildup, it creates a solid wall through which air cannot pass. The less air that enters the furnace, the less that comes out. In order to prevent this type of HVAC repairs in Irvine, change the air filter every two to three months. This allows air to freely enter the furnace and air conditioner while keeping air conditioning efficient and clean.

  • HVAC Repairs in Irvine for Inaccurate Temperatures

When home temperature is off, it’s a good sign that you need HVAC repairs in Irvine. Inaccurate temperatures within the home are symptomatic of multiple HVAC repairs in Irvine: a dysfunctional thermostat, buildup, air duct leaks, dirty flame sensors, sticky fire exchangers, non-operative wires or gas valves and frozen evaporator coils.

Each part of the central air system works alongside the other. When one part suffers damages, the surrounding and related parts work doubly hard to compensate. Additionally, working the heating and cooling despite necessary HVAC repairs in Irvine results in more severe repairs and higher service costs.

Inaccurate temperature can come from something as simple as unplugged wires and loose power lines. It can also come from the wrong temperature setting on the thermostat. Again, it can be a silly mistake unlikely to happen but many times more than one person tinkers with the thermostat and forgets to communicate changes. Before calling for HVAC repairs in Irvine, check the status of the thermostat and that all power lines are on.

If the thermostat setting is not the issue, call for HVAC repairs in Irvine. Prompt service helps reduce service costs and protects the value and health of your central air system.

Air Condition Repairs

HVAC Repairs in Irvine for Low Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is marked by the cleanliness and overall health of your home air supply. Unfortunately indoor air is often at least five times dirtier than outdoor air. In fact, indoor air pollution is recognized by the EPA as a top five health threat to public safety. Lucky for us, a lot can be done about that through heating and air conditioning.

  • HVAC Repairs in Irvine for Dirty or Bothersome Indoor Air

Does air feel dirty? Does it have grit? Have your allergy or asthma symptoms worsened? If so, you might need HVAC repairs in Irvine to fix dirty indoor air. This can include leaks in the air ducts, poor home insulation or dirty air filters.

The simplest explanation for dirty indoor air is dirty air filters. All indoor air must pass through the air filter. These air filters capture up to 50 percent of airborne particulate matter and fill rather quickly. It only takes a few months before they need to be replaced. When the central air system runs on a dirty air filter, more particles go missed. As a result, indoor air quality plummets, naturally.

If you want cleaner air, invest in a stronger air filter. Likely, premium air filters also last longer and do more for your central air system so you can worry less. They keep your home air clean, they keep your central air system free of damaging buildup and help equipment last longer. Additionally, clean air filters, of any kind, reduce energy spending by 15 percent. To reduce the need for HVAC repairs in Irvine through clean air filters, replace them at least every few months.

In addition, tears in the air ducts and poor home insulation result in dirty indoor air quality. Outdoor allergens enter through these areas and cleaned air escape. You might also notice that your energy bill increased, too.

If you experience any of these issues, call for HVAC repairs in Irvine for fixes. Dirty indoor air not only affects your health, safety and comfort, but it also affects energy efficiency and the health of your central air system.

  • HVAC Repairs in Irvine for Smelly Indoor Air

Do you have smelly indoor air? You might need HVAC repairs in Irvine for microbiological growth, clogged condensate lines, frozen evaporator coils or obstruction in the air ducts.

Water is a natural byproduct of the air conditioning process, which is why the condensate lines are in place. Condensate lines safely remove excess water away from the central air system to prevent accidents and microbiological growth. Unfortunately, these parts need help, too, and are not always successful.

Microbiological growth inside the system may be why you have smelly air in your home. Microbiological growth may come from frozen evaporator coils, slimy condensate lines or stagnant water in drip pans. These are urgent HVAC repairs in Irvine and should not be put off any longer than absolutely necessary. In the meantime, do not use your air conditioning.

You may also have smelly air because of air leaks, gas leaks and buildup inside the system such as a dirty air filter. Smelly air is especially common when there are tears in the air ducts. These tears allow dirty and stale attic air to enter the home. Air duct leaks waste an enormous amount of energy. Be certain to call for HVAC repairs in Irvine as soon as possible.

Repair Air Conditioning Services

Maintenance Prevents 90 Percent of HVAC Repairs in Irvine

Heating contractors know how to prevent 90 percent of all HVAC repairs in Irvine. They rely on regular maintenance, twice a year. Maintenance is a preventative treatment that delivers precise and personalized care for your central air system. It is the most effective way to reduce the need for HVAC repairs in Irvine by identifying and treating problem areas before they set into damages.

With regular maintenance, you receive:

  • Reliable heating and air conditioning
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Elevated indoor air quality
  • Safe an effective operation
  • Clean equipment
  • A longer lasting system
  • Lower cost per use
  • Fewer repairs and damages
  • Peace of mind
  • Consistent home comfort

To do this, your technician devotes his or her entire attention to your particular furnace and air conditioner and treats its unique conditions. During maintenance, your technician focuses on restoring the health, cleanliness, safety, efficiency and performance quality of your HVAC equipment.

First, your technician visually inspects the unit. Then, he or she evaluates each part of the unit, noting any wear marks, damages or necessary adjustments. Using precision tools, he removes buildup, debris, microbiological growth and water. He also adjusts wirework, settings, attachments, connections and covers. These may have shifted over time.

Your technician also runs exams to monitor and measure energy efficiency, performance quality, projected service lifespan and safety. He tests for refrigerant leaks, gas leaks, water leaks and carbon monoxide. Your technicians identify weakness, damages and repairs and delivers the correct treatment for full restoration.

Keep in mind that maintenance cannot stop the aging process, especially if the central air system is in heavy use. As your central air system ages, it will not perform the same way as it did when new. However, maintenance gets it close. If changes or repairs are severe, your technician helps you learn new ways to use your central air system while receiving the best heating and air conditioning possible.

Imagine never having to worry about your heating and air conditioning again. It is possible with maintenance, twice a year. Your technicians do the work so you don’t have to.

Maintenance works as preventative treatment. This means your technician recognizes and treats problem areas before they develop into serious repairs or damages. As a result, you save hundreds to thousands of dollars otherwise spent on expensive HVAC repairs in Irvine. It is the easiest and most effective method in preventing damages and early aging.

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Get Superior HVAC Repairs in Irvine from Service Champions

You and your family deserve superior HVAC repairs in Irvine and you deserve highly trained specialists you can trust.

Superior HVAC repairs in Irvine come from Service Champions. We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange County and our technicians are among the elite. We have thousands of positive reviews from past homeowners just like you, and we promise a complete experience with:

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There is a reason why California homeowners rely on our staff for HVAC repairs in Irvine. Each and every Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background check
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  • Keeps and leaves your home clean

The entire Service Champions team is here to serve you. We combine superior customer service with expert technical care for the simplest HVAC repairs in Irvine. From our helpful call center representatives to our on-field specialists, expect nothing short of extraordinary.

To schedule your HVAC repairs in Irvine with Service Champions, complete the form below. You can also call our friendly call center representatives for additional help.