How To Use Your Thermostat to Save Money

Every winter and summer, it is a tug of war between the need for conditioned air versus the costs of conditioning air. Though cost-free air conditioning is not yet a possibility to most homes, programmable thermostats and the method by which you use your central air system can shave costs off your utility bill.

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Manage Heat Load for Efficiency and
Energy Expenditure

It may seem like the smart choice to leave the air conditioner off when no one is home. Unfortunately, when everyone returns and someone turns the thermostat on, the air conditioner has to work doubly hard to lower the indoor temperature to what you have set on the thermostat.

Because the indoor temperature has grown so high, it is almost impossible for your central air system to condition air quickly enough to reach the goal temperature. Without a chance to shut off to rest, the air conditioner and furnace exhaust themselves, using more energy to do the same amount of work on any other day.

The key here is to manage heat load inside the home. On warmer days in an empty house, keep the air conditioner on but set it at a reasonable temperature—perhaps at 80 degrees. This way, when you return home and turn on the thermostat for cold air, the air conditioner only needs to work to remove a few degrees out of the indoor air supply.

Opt for a Programmable Thermostat and Heat Pumps System

Programmable thermostats take out of the work of having to change the temperatures during different points of the day. Utilizing the setback function on your thermostat is a popular method to save on heating and cooling costs.

The setback program basically allows the air conditioning temperature to rise to whatever temperature you desire after you have gone to bed. Since you will not be conscious to feel cooler air, the rise in temperature should go unnoticed. This works in the wintertime as well with heating temperature.  A solid eight hours of less air conditioning even by 10 degrees can save, at minimum, five percent a year on your air conditioning and heating bill.

A heat pumps split system is an alternative to traditional gas furnaces. The electric method of heating and cooling has gained popularity for its efficiency. For long-term relief in home heating and cooling costs, the heat pumps system may be a more fitting choice for your home.

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