How To Safely Remove A Broken Light Bulb

Broken light bulbs should be approached with caution when replacing them. Particularly with energy-efficient light bulbs, which contain special elements such as mercury, proper clean up is essential to preserving the safety of your home and health.

Evacuate the Area and Prepare for Clean Up

When light bulbs break, empty the room of pets and people.  Also be sure to wear the proper shoes before proceeding to clean up.

We suggest turning off the lights if they were previously on or unplugging the lamp from the power outlet. Allow for the remaining parts of the bulb to cool down. To prevent pieces of glass from moving around, turn off the central air system for the time being.

In the meantime, collect the materials you will need.

This includes:

  • Protective gloves and glasses
  • Pan and broom
  • Tarp
  • Pliers
  • Disposable bin with secure lid or plastic bag

Clean with Care

Avoid stepping over the broken glass as you sweep the bits and pieces into the pan. Be sure to dispose of the pieces in a secure bin.

Energy-efficient bulbs oftentimes spill mercury powder. It is not a good idea to vacuum the powder; instead, use tape to remove tiny glass pieces and powder off the carpet or wood floors.

Once the pieces from the ground are removed, lay out the tarp to catch any additional debris that may fall from the broken bulb.

Outfit your hands with protective gloves and wear your safety goggles as you remove the base of the broken bulb from the socket. If you experience difficulty removing the bulb, use your pliers for an extra secure hold.

Carefully clean and dry the socket and insert a new bulb securely.

Additional Ways to Make Your Energy Use Efficient Around the Home

Opting for energy-efficient light bulbs such as CFL or LED use up to 85 percent less than what fluorescent light bulbs use. Replacing all light bulbs inside of your home to CFL or LED lights can significantly reduce energy expenditure, outweighing the initial cost of installation.

Another way to save the amount of energy used around the home is through the central air system. By adjusting your air conditioning habits, you can lower your utility bill at the end of each month.

Follow these two smart tips:

  • Do not let the heat load inside of the home grow too high, which will cause your central air system to work doubly hard.
  • Raise your thermostat for cool air by two degrees above your comfort level.

These small changes in your air conditioning and electricity use help create a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient home.

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