How to Quickly Cool Your Home During a Heatwave

With summer on the way, we’re probably looking at another heat wave that can make your home hot and miserable. Keeping your home cool can be a challenge in this weather, even if you have a functional air conditioner.

If your house is getting hot, despite the air conditioning, the pros at Sierra are here to help! Check out our best tips to cool down your home during a heat wave.


Turn Up the Thermostat

When the temperatures are extreme, resist the urge to turn the air conditioning up. This only creates more work to cool down your home, making your system less efficient in the process. If you set the thermostat a little higher, you can get your home cooler without added stress on your system.

Shut the Shades

Before air conditioning was a staple in most homes, people relied on old-fashioned methods like closing the blinds, curtains, and shades to keep the sun out and cool down the room. That can still be effective in a heat wave, especially on the sunny side of your home.

Cool Your Home By Closing The Shades

Use Ceiling Fans

Combined with your air conditioning, ceiling fans and standing fans can help you get more air circulation in your home. Though the fans can’t blow cool air themselves, they can circulate the conditioned air. They also cool your body down by causing sweat to evaporate, lowering your body temperature.

Try Ice Water

Putting ice water in a bowl in front of a fan causes the fan to blow the cooler air around your home and gives your air conditioner some help. If you’re working with a large space, try setting up multiple bowls of ice water in front of your fans and replace it often.

Cool Your Home With Ice

Cool Down with a Hot Water Bottle

In winter, hot water bottles give you some warm, moist heat and comfort. In summer, that same bottle can be filled with water and frozen to provide cooling, either in your desk chair while you work, in your bed overnight, or while you’re lounging on the couch.

Close Unoccupied Rooms

You probably have space in your home that you’re not using, such as extra bedrooms or bathrooms. If that’s the case, closing these rooms can prevent your air conditioner from working overtime to cool these rooms. Focusing the cooling on a smaller space can actually reduce the temperature of your whole home, in fact.

Cook Outside

All appliances generate heat when they’re used, but nothing is as bad as your oven. Instead of cooking and creating more heat in your home, try cooking outside on your grill or ordering takeout.

Cool Your Sheets Before Bed

If the heat and mugginess impact your sleep, put your sheets in the freezer to cool them down. While they won’t last the whole night, they can keep your bed cooler and drop your body temperature to help you fall asleep faster.


Use a Wet Sheet

A wet sheet may not be pleasant in normal circumstances, but during a heat wave, it can be a lifesaver. Hang a damp sheet in front of an open window with a breeze or a running fan to circulate cooler air through your home.

Open a Window in Your Bedroom

A few hours before you go to bed, crack your windows to let the breeze in and pull some of the stuffy air out. If your room doesn’t get a breeze, add some fans to circulate the fresh air.

Crack Doors To Cool Your Home Quickly

Try a Cool Shower

It’s best to avoid hot showers during hot weather as it will add to the heat and humidity in your home, but a cool shower is a good option. As long as you’re not creating steam, you can enjoy a shower to cool your body down without making it even hotter.

Try to Keep the Lights Off

Light bulbs can release a lot of heat, especially if you have a lot of them on in an already warm space. Try to avoid using lights at all until it gets dark out, and even then, try to rely on only the ones you need. This will also help you offset the higher costs from using your air conditioner and fans.

Don’t Use Your Washer or Dishwasher

Unless it’s necessary, avoid using your washer and dishwasher when it’s hot out. Both of these appliances release heat and create moisture, which will only add to the humidity in your home. If you have to use them, try to wait until it’s a little cooler in the evening or early morning.

Get a Tune Up Before Summer

An unexpected heat wave on top of a hot summer can be devastating to your air conditioner. If it’s not ready for the season, you could end up with a breakdown or major repair in the middle of a busy cooling season. Schedule a tune up before the summer starts to make sure your air conditioner is up for the challenge.

Is it time for your air conditioner tune up? Contact us at Service Champions to schedule your appointment!