How To Ensure Your AC Works Properly

Service Champions technicians know that homeowners generally have a good feel for their central air systems. Odd noises, unusual behaviors and technical issues rarely go unnoticed. Still sometimes, it can be difficult to locate problem areas when they are subtle or silent. If you want to ensure your AC works properly, read on.

Ensure Your AC Works: Proper Air Conditioning

When your preferred HVAC contractor evaluates your furnace and air conditioner, he or she almost always checks two separate temperatures: the air going into the return grill and the air coming out of the vents.

What they look for and measure is a 15 to 20 degree drop in air conditioning. As an example, if the air inside of the home is 80 degrees and the air conditioning process begins, the air pushed back into the home should be roughly 60 degrees. This is possible when the refrigerant level is at its maximum, its weight depending on the size and model of the furnace and air conditioner.

Ensure Your AC Works: Problems in the Air

Refrigerant is stored in a sealed pipe system, so it can never run out unless there is a leak. A leak of any kind is most likely slight and the air conditioner loses, perhaps, half a pound gradually. Such a dip in the refrigerant is subtle and unnoticeable in the air conditioning itself.

As a result of the leak, the central air system runs longer to compensate for its compromised ability to remove heat. Instead of a 20-degree heat transfer, 17 to 18 degrees may be removed. Unfortunately, because it is not enough of a change to remark, homeowners can acclimate to the change in performance efficiency.

Seldom are air conditioners too cold. When homeowners believe their air conditioning too be too cold, it usually is not the air itself, but the velocity at which the air reenters the home.

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Ensure Your AC Works: Avoid DIY Troubleshooting

If you encounter either of these problems, it is not recommended that you take any measures to open up the furnace or air conditioner to fix the system yourself.

The central air system consists of compressors and motors drawing high amps, capacitors, relays, fan motors, wires and up to 240 volts of electricity. Have your Service Champions specialist diagnose the problem and provide the care and attention your central air system needs. Our HVAC technicians are trained to handle equipment safely and properly.

Care for Your Air Conditioning with Service Champions

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