How to Care for Your New Furnace

A healthy central air system should last 10 to 15 years. But too often, they fall short. Why? Heaters and air conditioners do not get the care they need to last and deliver what homeowners want.

Did you know that the most important day for your new furnace is the day it is installed? That means the new furnace in your home now is in its most perfect condition.

Your technicians ensured that the new furnace installation delivered:

· Perfect technical precision

· Flawless efficiency

· Absolute safety

So, if you have a new furnace, you have the perfect opportunity to do it right. Incorporate these tips to have your new furnace last and deliver every single day you need it.

Trust in HVAC Maintenance

It is never too early to rely on HVAC maintenance for superior new furnace care. HVAC maintenance is the simplest and most convenient method homeowners have to care for their new furnaces.

With HVAC maintenance, homeowners get:

· Better indoor air quality

· Protect the new furnace from repairs and damages

· Improve energy efficiency

· Avoid 90 percent of issues before they happen

· Prolong the lifespan and service quality of the new furnace

What do you get when you select HVAC maintenance for your new furnace?

· A thorough cleaning, inside and outside the new furnace

· An evaluation for proper and efficient performance

· Technical adjustments needed to keep parts moving in the right order

· Tests for safe new furnace operation

With HVAC maintenance, homeowners have the peace of mind knowing that their new furnace is in the care of an expert. You can trust that your new furnace receives all the attention it needs to last long and work hard for you and your home.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

Replacing the air filter is very important. This simple task is often overlooked as unnecessary, but that is far from the truth. Homeowners who regularly replace the air filter to their new furnace enjoy better indoor air quality, better air conditioning and lower utility bills.


A healthy air filter:

· Protects indoor air from allergens, particles and bacteria

· Protects the new furnace from damaging buildup

· Allows healthy airflow for maximum efficiency

· Keeps the home and new furnace safe

When a new furnace works on a dirty or full air filter, homeowners experience issues. Most notably:

· Your new furnace spends more energy for the same amount of heating and air conditioning

· Indoor air quality falls

· Your new furnace grows dirty with pollution and irritants

· Your new furnace is prone is repairs and damages

Changing out the air filter to your new furnace is easy to do, and new air filters are affordable. To learn how to change the air filter to your new furnace, ask your technician or check your user manual.

Learn to Use Your New Furnace Correctly

Most homeowners do not care for their new furnace. Most homeowners only direct their new furnace through the thermostat. However, homeowners have so much control over the wellbeing of their new furnace. It begins with how they choose to use their new furnace.

· Manage the heat load

Demanding too much too fast from your new furnace creates problems. Instead of returning to a hot house and cranking the air conditioning on to 68 degrees, manage the heat load.

Keep the home at a steady and reasonable temperature. This way, when you do return home for air conditioning, your new furnace doesn’t have to overwork to give you what you want.

· Insulate the house

To minimize expensive heat loss, have the home insulated. Homeowners are encouraged to start with attic insulation. Then, move onto insulating the home walls, air ducts and switching to energy efficient windows. Be sure to caulk and weather-strip doors and windows.

· Get repairs done as soon as they’re needed

Necessary HVAC repairs spread around the new furnace if they don’t get the attention they need. To isolate damages and repairs, get help as soon as you recognize a problem.

How can homeowners know if there’s a problem? Start by listening for any unusual noises or strange smells. Check your utility bills. If anything seems off, call your new furnace technicians.

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