House Air Filters

How to Use House Air Filters to Improve the Home

House air filters are vital to home health. Today’s HVAC technology has produced hundreds of different house air filters, one for every type of home and homeowner. There are countless options available, which means that there is one that matches your home.

It may seem daunting to hunt for the right house air filters. It may sound inconvenient to care for them at all. However, house air filters are well worth the small amount of trouble.

House air filters:

· Remove harmful germs in the air

· Catch solid particles from airflow

· Improve HVAC energy efficiency

· Help the central air system last longer

· Minimize repairs and damages

· Make heating and air conditioning more enjoyable

How can homeowners reap all the benefits of house air filters? Homeowners must use the correct house air filters and replace them on a regular basis.

Finding the Best House Air Filters for Your Family

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What goes into choosing house air filters? There are a number of factors that determine what house air filters match your home.

· Current furnace and air conditioner model

· House and environment

· Living situation and habits

· Lifestyle goals

· Price and costs

· Health concerns and preferences

For homeowners concerned with overall indoor air quality and savings, house air filters with a MERV rating between 8 and 12 are best. These house air filters capture 50 percent of all airborne particles in airflow. In addition, house air filters with a MERV rating between 8 and 12 also minimize HVAC energy spending by 15 percent. These house air filters do cost more, but they deliver many more benefits that outweigh the initial cost.

For homeowners concerned with having pristine indoor air, average house air filters will not suffice. Consider stronger house air filters and additional filtration systems to help combat pathogens and particles in home air. You can work with your HVAC specialist for the perfect strategy.

Your house air filters may need to be coupled with:

· UV light bulbs

· Central humidifiers

· HVAC maintenance

· Advanced air cleaning solutions

For homeowners who want to scrape by with the bare minimum without damaging the central air system, any type of house air filters will do. However, these typically need to be changed more often in order to prevent central air system damages. HVAC specialists do not recommend using the least house air filters for any home.

Caring For Your House Air Filters

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When homeowners care for their house air filters, they see results. Using clean house air filters results in better indoor air quality, energy savings up 15 percent, and fewer repairs and damages to the air conditioner.

Homeowners should replace house air filters every two to three months. Typically, stronger house air filters need fewer replacements, but they do cost more.

For the average home, house air filters with a MERV rating between 8 and 12 work well. They last long enough to justify the price while delivering all the benefits that come with house air filters care.

Homeowners also avoid issues like:

· Microbiological growth

· Germs in the home air

· Reduced productivity

· Wasteful energy spending

· A short-lived central air system

Fortunately, house air filters are the most affordable part of heating and air conditioning.

Advanced House Air Filters for Supremely Clean Home Air

Sometimes, even the best house air filters won’t cut it for your home. Some homeowners require pristine air due to health issues or simple preference. For these homes, HVAC technology offers an array of advanced air care solutions that work alongside house air filters.

These options work in tandem with the heating and air conditioning system, and works every time the central air system runs.

Ask your HVAC contractor about:

· UV bulbs

· Biocide Chambers

· AirScrubber Plus

· Nest Protect

· HEPA house air filters

In order to protect indoor air quality, homeowners may also need to make changes to the construction of the home. This can mean many things:

· Resizing the chambers of house air filters

· Cleaning air ducts

· Sealing the house

· Attic insulation

· Minimizing sources of indoor pollution

Different options work for different homes. Working with your HVAC specialist allows for personalized care and attention for you and your home.

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