Furnace First Aid

Heating your home is a winter necessity. When furnaces and heat pumps break down during the holidays, the only option is a speedy repair job. The good news: some problems are safe and simple to solve. Before contacting a service company, look for the problems you can fix yourself. For your convince, here is a guide to furnace first aid.  If all else fails, Service Champions provides round the clock service for your holiday comfort.

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Power switch

If you have a power switch next to your furnace, the switch can be mistaken for a light switch. If you have guests who are unfamiliar with your home, this switch is more likely to be flipped. Make sure it is on. Before starting any repairs on furnace equipment, turn the switch off.


Anything from an accidental brush against the dial, to a loose wire can cause the thermostat to malfunction. Check the batteries on digital thermostats, and replace if necessary. Make sure the thermostat is set and programmed to your desired temperature, and is set to heat. If this does not work, remove the unit from the wall, and clear the area of dust and other debris. Make sure the two wires (one for heating, and one for air conditioning) are securely connected.

Circuit breakers

Power outages from winter storms are rare in Southern California. On these occasions, some electronics short when power is restored. Try flipping the circuit breaker to your furnace completely off and then back on again, to get the electric current running again.

Owner’s manual

Consult your furnace owner manual or visit the manufacturer website for information about your specific model. Most model names and numbers are found on the front of the machine. Your owner manual can guide you through

  • Replacing your filter
  • Checking and re-lighting your pilot light
  • Unclogging intake and exhaust vents
  • Finding worn or broken belts in the furnace motor
  • Detecting a gas leak

Vent Registers

Check vents in each room. At least 80% of the registers in your home should be open. If only a few rooms in the house are not receiving heat, the problem could be in the duct system.

When to call a service company

If the steps listed above don’t do the trick, it is not a good idea to continue troubleshooting. Contact us for advanced problems with your heater. If you run across the following problems give us a call.

  • Furnace motor isn’t running properly.
  • Furnace doesn’t provide heat
  • Furnace turns on and off
  • If your house isn’t heating evenly
  • In the event of a gas leak, evacuate your house and call for repair as quickly as possible.
  • Any instance where you are unsure of what to do

Saving time and money through furnace first aid is a welcome option. If your furnace still does not function properly, Service Champions can help. Fill out a form from the buttons below or give us a call.