Four Ways to Your Best Air Conditioner

No matter how much homeowners spend in their central air systems, it doesn’t mean they have the best air conditioners.

The best air conditioners share the same habits. The best air conditioners last long, work well and deliver results. With the right choices, any home can have the best air conditioner.

Trust in Regular HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance makes a big difference. Yet many homeowners shy away from calling their air conditioner contractors. Some think HVAC maintenance isn’t worth the cost. Others don’t believe it delivers any special care.

The best air conditioners all have had regular HVAC maintenance. Maintenance helps homeowners prevent costly repairs and permanent damages in just one service call. Your HVAC contractor thoroughly cleans the central air system. Using precision tools, all buildup, grime and growth are removed. Technical adjustments are completed and tests ensure safe and efficient service.

For the best air conditioner, schedule HVAC maintenance, which includes:

  • Technical evaluation for proper cycling
  • Intensive cleaning
  • Safety tests
  • Repairs and adjustments to motors, wires and tubes

Once HVAC maintenance is completed, you can trust the air in your home.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is a crucial part of the central air system. It can do both harm and good. It all depends on how homeowners care for it.

The air filter is the first line of defense against air pollution inside the home. The best air conditioners have a clean air filter every four to six months. This helps the airflow stay strong and full so that homeowners can enjoy full and efficient air conditioning.

A clean air filter also results in clean air. It also helps the air conditioner stay free of buildup, which means it uses less energy, lasts longer and works better.

Homeowners are encouraged to learn how to change their air filters to have the best air conditioners possible.

Insulate the Home

There are so many ways for heating and cooling to escape the home once it leaves the air conditioner. No matter how hard your air conditioner works, some of it will escape.

The best air conditioners have help from proper insulation. Home insulation does not directly make any air conditioner better. However, insulation does help reduce heat loss and energy spending.

Key insulation includes attic and air duct insulation. In addition, homeowners are encouraged to switch to energy efficient windows. For fine-tuning, caulk windows and doors to completely seal all leaks and holes.

Get Your Best Air Conditioner with Service Champions

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