Five Ways To Maximize Car Fuel Efficiency

With gas prices skyrocketing and summer fast approaching, everyone is looking for smart methods to save money. Since most of our time in Southern California is spent in our cars, adjusting the ways we drive and use our cars is a practical way of saving energy and money where it counts most.

Check the Tire Pressure: Saves up to eight cents a gallon

Keeping your tires properly inflated allows for maximum fuel efficiency. Under-inflated tires reduce gas mileage and threaten safety while operating the vehicle.

To find just the right amount of pressure needed for your tires, check for a sticker found on the driver’s side doorjamb or the owner’s manual.

Remove Excess Weight: Saves up to three cents a gallon

Additional weight in the seats or trunk of the car is extra work for your engine. Excess weight reduces your car’s MPG by one percent for every 100 pounds.

Make a habit of removing excess weight, especially heavy items for smaller cars.

Maintenance: Saves up to 11 cents a gallon

As with any large apparatus, machine or mobile vehicle, maintenance is imperative to protecting the safety, sanitation and health of the car.

Find a reputable mechanic who can consistently and regularly service your car. Be sure to change the oil, air filter and rotate the tires with each visit as due dates for each come around.

Avoid the Stop and Go: Saves up to 38 cents a gallon

Speeding up and suddenly slowing down is the best way to waste gas. Be gentle on the gas pedal and ease into and out of higher speeds to lift stress off the car and use less gas.

If you spend more time on the freeway, use cruise control, which helps raise MPG by at least five percent—and even more for larger less gas-efficient vehicles.

Other Tips for Car Owners

Minimize aerodynamic drag:

  • Avoid carrying luggage on top of the car.
  • Keep windows closed while driving on the highway.

Manage the heat load inside of the car:

  • Park your car in the shade when it is available.
  • Use the air conditioning for heating and cooling in order to stay comfortable and focused while operating your vehicle.

Fill up on gas intelligently:

  • Try to fill your tank during the week when gas prices are slightly lower than on the weekend.
  • Purchase gas cards to save long-term with each fill-up.

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