Five Heating and Air Complaints Solved

Heating and air is an essential part of our comfort and safety. In Southern California, we rely on our air systems every day. With all that we demand from our machinery, problems are bound to arise.

Many heating and air complaints commonly include:

  • Heating and air reliability
  • Heating and air service costs
  • Heating and air accuracy
  • Indoor air quality
  • Home comfort

Some are simple to fix and can be prevented right from home. Others require more attention.

Here are five complaints homeowners have about their heating and air, what may cause them and what to do about them.

1. Heating and air never reaches the number set on the thermostat.

The thermostat is dirty.

Buildup or corroded wires halt proper communication with the heating and air system. A simple maintenance for heating and air can restore the health of the thermostat. However, in some cases, it is more cost-effective to replace the thermostat altogether.

Settings within the heating and air system moved.

With time and use, toggles are bound to shift and move, especially if the heating and air system sustains physical damages. These toggles include pressure settings, wires and switches. All of these micro-movements contribute to different heating and air for your home.

The home and/or the heating and air system has leaks and holes that encourage heat loss.

Leaks and holes in the air ducts lead to major issues. One of them is significant heat loss. With heated air escaping through the air ducts before reaching the house, heating and air almost never gets your home to the temperature set on the thermostat.

2. Heating and air is too noisy.

Parts within the heating and air system dislodged.

This includes a wide variety of heating and air parts. The rubber band that moves pieces within the heating and air system frays and creates a slapping noise. Nuts and bolts come loose and make a clattering sound. Covers come undone, pieces fall out, and foreign objects enter unexpectedly.

The heating and air system works through obstruction.

Obstruction includes anything from loose parts to organic waste and buildup. Buildup is far more damaging and expensive than most homeowners think. It creates many problems, and a noisy heating and air system is only one of them.

3. The home doesn’t heat evenly.

Registers and vents are not in the open position.

There are as many vents as there are rooms in the home. Frequently, in the busyness of everyday, homeowners forget that these vents were moved to the closed position. It is also common for furniture to block these vents and registers, limiting airflow.

Heating and air ducts have tears or blockage.

Depending on where the leaks are within the heating and air ducts, heated air may not reach certain areas of the home.

The home is not insulated evenly.

Rooms that are difficult to heat or cool may also have issues with insulation. If new windows were installed in these rooms, take a second look at the insulation work. Additional leaks may encourage heat loss, which is why heating and air does not feel even throughout the home.

4. Heating and air doesn’t turn off/cycles too often.

The air filter is full.

A dirty or overused air filter is the easiest way to destroy the heating and air system. If the air filter is full, airflow into the heating and air system is restricted. When there is not enough air to heat, the furnace stops the process to protect from itself from overheating.

There is buildup inside the heating and air system.

Buildup, like full air filters, hinders the heating and air process. Frozen evaporator coils, microbiological growth and stubborn buildup around fans, blades and tubes all add extra stress on the heating and air system. As a result, the cycles cut short. Once the heating and air system realizes that there’s still work to be done, it starts up again, only to shut off soon after.

5. Heating and air makes home air dirty.

The air ducts have leaks.

The attic space hosts thousands of different types of bacteria, allergens and particles. For the average home, this is also where air ducts are installed. Air ducts are healthy easily transport cleaned and heated air from the furnace into the home with no problems.

However, air ducts that sustain leaks allow heating and air to escape into the attic. Through the same leaks, dirty attic air enters the air ducts and, ultimately, the home.

The air filter needs replacement.

A dirty air filter also allows more particles to circulate throughout the home and furnace. Replacing the air filter is simple, and homeowners are encouraged to do so every few months. This avoids high-energy bills, poor indoor air quality and ineffective heating and air.

The Simple Solution to All Heating and Air Problems

Heating and air maintenance prevents 90 percent of all expensive repairs and permanent damages. It also saves your time and restores peace of mind.

Homeowners who have heating and air maintenance for their furnace systems experience:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reliable heating
  • Lower average HVAC costs
  • Longer-lasting furnace system

With every heating and air maintenance, your HVAC specialists work to:

  • Restore the health and cleanliness of the system
  • Ensure the safety and reliability of the furnace
  • Strengthen weak spots
  • Deliver preventative treatment

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To save time and money from 90 percent of issues you have with your heating and air, rely on regular HVAC maintenance.

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