The Coldest Fireplace In Orange County

Service Champions technician Javier was talking with a customer in Westminster about the heat and air flow in her home and whether she was comfortable with her furnace.
She said she was happy with the comfort of her home… with one very frustrating exception:

The fireplace—and the area around it—always seemed to be cold during the winter months. So cold, in fact, that in desperation, she had taped a big piece of cardboard right over the fireplace opening. It was not only ugly and (mostly) ineffective—it made it so she could never use the fireplace to actually add heat to the home!  She admitted that what had originally been a “temporary” solution had actually be in place for years now.

Javier had a similar fireplace in his own home and wondered if the solution could be as easy as he was thinking.

With the customer’s permission, he removed the cardboard, reached up inside, and closed the fireplace flue using a manual switch. Since the switch was inside, the customer had no idea it was existed at all!

Within 30 seconds, he showed her how to operate the switch, and solved her “cold fireplace” problem forever.

Which just goes to show… some Good Deeds For Free only take a few seconds to perform, but can solve a stubborn problem that has been bothering somebody for years!

Great job Javier!

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