Client Tells Our Tech, “That’s Why I Love You Guys”

Service Champions technician John was in Anaheim after finishing up a service call and about to head to his next appointment.

He noticed a neighbor nearby who had been trying to load a lawnmower into the back of a truck. Some physical limitations were making that hard for him.

John went over and asked if he could do it for him.

“That’s okay, my wife will be out, and she can help me lift it in,” the man said.

But John told him it would be no problem and got the lawnmower in for him and the neighbor was thankful.

John’s client noticed what he did and told John how much he appreciated Service Champions being willing to assist anyone.

“”See, that’s why I love you guys,” the client said. “You went over there and helped, and you didn’t even know who they were, what their name was, nothing. And still you guys just go out of your way and help.”

He added, “You don’t know it, but his wife just had surgery, so she shouldn’t be trying to help lift a lawnmower.”

John said he was happy to help and that it was all part of the Service Champions philosophy – you don’t have to be a client to be the recipient of a Good Deed For Free.

John, great work living out the values of Service Champions – that’s another Good Deed For Free!