Call Center Rep Sends Some Toilet Paper Special Delivery To A Client

Service Champions call center representative Justine Rosales received a call from a homeowner in La Miranda who was interested in an air scrubber.

“We were talking about the benefits of an air scrubber and getting her set up for an appointment,” Justine said. “We also started talking about everything going on with Covid-19 and how it had changed a lot of all of our plans.”

As the conversation continued, it became clear that the homeowner was worried about her low supply of toilet paper and how hard it was to get more.

“She was senior and some of the stores have super early morning hours for seniors only, but getting all made up and getting to the store on time was hard for her,” Justine said. “Then on top of it, when she does get there, they were usually out. She said she was down to just a couple of rolls.”

Justine could tell the situation was making the client anxious and decided to do something about it.

“I had the idea to put it in the notes for the technician to bring some toilet paper for the client as a Good Deed if he could,” Justine said.

As it happened, someone in the dispatch office saw the notes. The office had just received a bunch of toilet paper for office use and could spare some. Dispatch made sure the technician had some toilet paper to deliver for the client.

Now that’s teamwork!

Justine felt good about the communication and that her notes helped get the ball rolling. “I teared up knowing the client needed it and that someone else on our team saw it and recognized the need and responded.”

Justine, thanks for listening to your client so closely and taking action – that’s a “special delivery” Good Deed For Free!