Are You Using the Best Furnace Filters?

Some homeowners may think that choosing the right furnace filter doesn’t matter. However, using the best furnace filters really makes the difference in home comfort.

How important is it to use the best furnace filters?

Using the best furnace filters means homeowners:

  • Save money on high energy spending
  • Save money from repairs and damages
  • Experience better air conditioning and heating
  • Trust their home air
  • Help their central air system last longer

The best furnace filters matter, and the homeowners using them already know.

The Best Furnace Filters Keep Indoor Air Healthy

Why do homeowners pay attention to furnace filters at all? Homeowners use furnace filters to keep their home air clean and dust-free. They want to know that their home air is always safe and healthy to breathe.

Using the right air filter can really change your level of home comfort.

The best furnace filters capture up to 50 percent of all airborne particles during the heating and air conditioning cycle. They best furnace filters remove particles and germs like:

  • Pet dander, hair
  • Dust, dust mites, insects
  • Organic waste
  • VOCs
  • Microbiological growth
  • Plant pollens

What do homeowners need to remember about protecting indoor air quality? Even the best furnace filters get full of product. So, while even the best furnace filters do their jobs at removing indoor air pollution, homeowners must remember to replace dirty filters on a regular basis.

The Best Furnace Filters Maintain Energy Efficiency

Another reason why homeowners should use the best furnace filters is to save money on heating and air conditioning.

With time and use, air conditioners and furnaces decline in health and energy efficiency. Using the best furnace filters for your furnace and home helps save money. How?

The best furnace filters not only protect indoor air quality but also the cleanliness of the central air system. Lesser air filters allow particles to pass through and cling to sensitive parts of the furnace and air conditioner.

These particles collect into layers and harden over time, creating resistance and blockages. As a result, not only does air quality plummet, the system must work harder to generate the same amount of heating and cooling. Consequently, homeowners pay more for the same amount of heating and air conditioning.

Using the best furnace filters helps maintain energy efficiency. The best furnace filters maximize airflow without falling short on filtration.

In addition, the best furnace filters cut down on repairs and damages that can cost homeowners big. That stubborn buildup is the start of expensive service calls.

The Best Furnace Filters Are Changed Regularly

In order to benefit from the best furnace filters, homeowners must change them regularly. While the best furnace filters do cost a bit more, they also last longer. This means that homeowners need to change less frequently than with cheaper air filters.

The typical air filter should be replaced every two to three months. Doing so helps cut down on energy spending by 15 percent.

How often should homeowners change the best furnace filters? It really depends on your home, lifestyle habits and preferences.

Homeowners should think about:

  • How many people are in the home?
  • How clean do you want your air?
  • Are there animals in the house? How many?
  • Can my home benefit from the best furnace filters?
  • Do I want to pay more for the best furnace filters?
  • Will the best furnace filters help lower energy costs for my home?

What works for one home may not work with another. Homeowners can always ask their heating experts for help.

The Best Furnace Filters Have the Best Homeowners

With today’s HVAC technology, the best furnace filters can do a great deal. However, even the best furnace filters require the best homeowners.

Homeowners who pay attention to their heating and cooling system have better home comfort, lower service costs and fewer problems.

What can homeowners do to make the most of their best furnace filters?

  • Keep the home clean
  • Ventilate the home
  • Remove sources of indoor air pollution
  • Regularly replace furnace filters
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year

Home comfort is what you make it, and Service Champions has the solutions you need to make your home excellent.

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Changes the Best Furnace Filters Bring

Today’s HVAC technology has delivered the best furnace filters ever seen. However, most homeowners don’t pay any mind. Others don’t seem to know what goes into the best furnace filters.

One fact remains: homeowners do notice if indoor air quality surpasses their expectations. They notice if their utility bills are unusually high. They also notice when the air conditioning and heating doesn’t work as well as they want. All of these issues links back to the air filter.

How do homeowners know if they need to change their air filters? How do they know if they need the best furnace filters?

  • Do you notice a difference in air quality when you walk into a different home?
  • Do you feel less comfortable when you arrive home?
  • Does anyone at home have any allergies or respiratory behaviors that have grown worse?
  • Have you been spending more money on the same amount of heating and cooling?
  • Has the central air system been cycling more often or for longer?
  • Do you have to wait longer for heating and cooling?
  • Has it been more than six months since changing the last furnace filter?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to change the furnace filter. In addition, it would benefit homeowners to use the best furnace filters possible. If homeowners use the best furnace filters, they get the best heating and air conditioning.

The Best Furnace Filters Make Home More Comfortable

Does your home air have a texture to it? Does it feel dirty? Does it make you sneeze? Does your home air smell? While not many people may notice clean air, almost all can recognize dirty home air.

When homeowners use the best furnace filters, they care not just for their central air, but also for their own personal health.

If you notice that your home air is not where you want it to be, it may be time to find a better air filter. The best furnace filters elevate home comfort. How? The best furnace filters successfully remove 40 to 50 percent of bothersome particles from indoor airflow.

What’s floating around your home air?

  • Pollen, dust, dust mites
  • Allergens
  • Gasses, vapors and odors
  • Smoke
  • Microbiological growth
  • Bacteria and germs
  • VOCs
  • Organic yard waste

All of these airborne particles and germs affect indoor air. While homeowners may not notice right away, their bodies do.

With low indoor air quality, people experience:

  • A decrease in productivity
  • A decline in comfort
  • Allergies
  • Irritated skin, nose, eyes and throat
  • Coughing and sneezing

Indoor air pollution starts at home. If left unattended, poor indoor air quality can pose a real threat. In order to protect home air and keep the house a comfortable place to be, homeowners should use the best furnace filters.

The best furnace filters match the workload of your home.

For homes that need additional care, the best furnace filters offer additional protection and service. HVAC contractors can work with you to determine exactly what features of the best furnace filters serve your home adequately.

Homeowners should do some work in order to find the best furnace filters. Think about:

  • Home lifestyle goals and needs
  • Current home lifestyle habits
  • Type and condition of the home
  • Personal health status
  • Number of people and/or animals in the home
  • Condition of the existing furnace system

Have answers prepared. Your HVAC expert can better assist you in finding the best furnace filters to improve home comfort and indoor air quality.

The Best Furnace Filters Save Homeowners Money

Take a look at the last few utility bills. Has the cost of heating and air conditioning increased? Has your central air system been working extra hard to get your home cooler or warmer?

When homeowners try to cut corners with a low quality air filter, the central air system is prone to costly issues. With a cheap furnace filter, particles pass through the filter without getting caught. These pieces then stick to the equipment and collect into tough buildup.

When buildup covers parts like fins, blades and motors, the furnace works overtime against the resistance. As a result, the central air system uses more energy to produce the same amount of heating and air conditioning. This is why utility bills may be higher and higher every month.

Buildup causes the central air system to degrade faster. So while the furnace should provide up to a decade or more of service, with buildup, it may only perform for a fraction of that time.

For this reason, it is important that homeowners use the best furnace filters available for their central air system. They should also schedule AC and heating maintenance for the technical care their system needs to last long.

Using the best furnace filters prevents issues that cost homeowners money. This includes:

  • Expensive repairs for sticky motors, wires, fans and blades
  • Service calls for frozen evaporator coils or overheated furnaces
  • Early damages to the compressor
  • Additional energy spending from day-to-day heating and cooling
  • Low indoor air quality
  • Shortened service lifespan

Homeowners who regularly utilize the best furnace filters avoid hefty service fees. On top of avoiding all these high costs, homeowners also save about 15 percent off the energy bill when they use the best furnace filters.

What Homeowners Should Know About the Best Furnace Filters

The best furnace filters keep home air clean. The best furnace filters keep the central air system from repairs and damages. Overall, the best furnace filters help the central air system work better so that homeowners enjoy being home.

Not one home is identical to another. As a result, the best furnace filters for one home may be the worse furnace filters for another.

All of the air inside the home must pass through the central air system and the air filter in order for homeowners to have heating and cooling. For this reason, the health of indoor air and the health of the central air system are related.

Homeowners searching for the best furnace filters are encouraged to remember the following:

  • There are several different types of air filters. Homeowners may need to experiment with a variety of air filters before finding out which works best for their home.
  • Even the best furnace filters need to be changed. Homeowners should change their best furnace filters on an as-needed basis. Typically, this measures out to be once every three to four months.
  • The best furnace filters will cost more than an average filter. However, the best furnace filters also do more for the home and save homeowners more long-term.
  • Extremely high-efficiency air filters are not suitable for the majority of homes. They generally cause more harm than good, and cost more.

The number of options available may overwhelm some homeowners. However, it is a rather simple process, and the work is well worth it. Once homeowners land on the best furnace filters, their home and comfort will never be the same.

Find the Best Furnace Filters at Service Champions HVAC

In short, the best furnace filters make home better and give homeowners peace of mind. With the best furnace filters, homeowners know they save money, have healthy air and that their central air system will last.

But the best furnace filters also depend on the health of your furnace. To determine what your best furnace filters are, consult Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning.

Service Champions is dedicated to the homeowners of Southern California. We also serve as the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles Counties. From our call center representatives to our on-field technicians, we deliver genuine customer service and expert technical care. Start to finish, we promise your satisfaction.

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