Answers to Problems the Furnace Makes

The home furnace makes unusual and interesting problems. Yet we depend on it every single day for a comfortable and productive home. Fortunately, there are several reasons to those odd or annoying issues that the furnace makes so suddenly. In fact, many of those queues signal for your attention before a larger and more serious condition grows.

The Furnace Makes Strange Smells

If the furnace makes strange smells they are usually the result of obstruction inside of the central air system. This can include organic yard waste, microbiological buildup over the evaporator coils or even stalled motors. Furnace maintenance will generally take care of these sanitation concerns and remove the smell. Your technician may find that old parts are to blame for the odor.

There is also the case for leaks in the air duct. Leaks and holes in the ductwork allow attic and outdoor air to enter, mixing with the home air.  In this case, you will need the help of your HVAC contractor to make duct repairs.

The Furnace Makes Stops and Starts

When the furnace makes continual short stops and starts, it typically has to do with the amount of air coming through versus the overall temperature. There are several factors that contribute to these constant stops and starts, which is referred to as short cycling.

First, the air filter may be full. This limits the amount of air passing through, usually reducing airflow it significantly. As a result, when the furnace starts up to heat air, it finds there is not enough air in the system, so it shuts down.

Second, the thermostat may be reading the indoor temperature incorrectly. This can happen if the thermostat is in a bad location or its gear is wearing down. In this event, the thermostat and central air system are out of sync causing the erratic behavior.

The Furnace Makes the Air Dusty

If you find that your home air is dustier than usual, the heating and air conditioning may be to blame. For the same reason the furnace makes strange smells, it could also be making your home dirtier. This is because the home and central air system can have leaks and holes that allow outdoor air to enter.

However, by the same token, the furnace makes your home a cleaner and safer environment. By sealing the home of holes and leaks, indoor air is protected from pollutants and irritants.

The Furnace Makes Your Home Better with Service Champions

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are the most skilled and experienced HVAC contractors you will ever find. Our teams work around the clock so that homeowners can count on their heating system. The furnace makes the home a better place as long as it is given the care it needs.

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