Alert Technician Prevents Labradoodle From Drowning

The alert actions of our technician Kalani recently saved a pooch from drowning.

It all started when Kalani was checking on a condenser outside and saw his client playing ball with a big labradoodle. The ball accidently landed on the cover of a pool – game over – or so everyone thought.

The homeowner turned his attention to Kalani and as they were talking, Kalani heard a ‘SPLASH.’ The dog had decided the game wasn’t over – he had jumped for the ball that was sitting on top of the pool cover.

It didn’t seem dangerous at first – the dog was big and the pool was small. But as the dog tried to escape, the pool cover wrapped around him and started sinking.

Kalani didn’t waste time – he ran and swooped the dog out of the pool. The homeowner was grateful for the fast action.

Great rescue, Kalani – that’s another Good Deed For Free!

To See Kalani tell the story in his own words, check out this video!