AC Repairs in Huntington Beach

It can be tough having AC repairs in Huntington Beach. There are so many unique conditions and problems your central air system might have, all while affecting your home comfort and peace of mind.

Heating and air conditioning is central to our everyday health and safety. For this reason alone, homeowners should be able to rely on their HVAC technicians for genuine care that restores furnaces and air conditioners to good working order.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning does just that. We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange County and we have the best technicians for your AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

Expect that every single Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background checks
  • Trains each year for 150 hours under a master technician
  • Arrives to your appointment on time and fully equipped
  • Is courteous and professional
  • Uses the most advanced methods of technical care
  • Completes your service in one visit*
  • Keeps and leaves your home clean

We ensure your total satisfaction and safety. From beginning to end, we care for every aspect of your AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

Avoid High Costs on AC Repairs in Huntington Beach

Why do AC repairs in Huntington Beach cost so much?

  • Homeowners fail to recognize needed repairs
  • Homeowners ignore repairs
  • Repairs spread to other parts
  • Repairs turn into permanent damages
  • Repairs grow complicated over time

AC repairs in Huntington Beach should not cost so much, and they do not. It is the way homeowners mishandle them that causes such high service costs.

What is the correct way to handle AC repairs in Huntington Beach?

First, know when your system needs repair. Look for signs such as:

  • Unusual odors
  • Loud or repetitive noises
  • Short-cycling
  • Incorrect temperatures
  • Poor airflow
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Increases in the energy bill
  • Decline in indoor air quality
  • Overall discomfort
  • Aggravated asthma or allergy symptoms

If you experience any of these signs, stop using the central air system and call your technician. He or she will evaluate the system’s performance and make the necessary fixes for healthy and proper operation.

Eventually, every central air system needs AC repairs in Huntington Beach. The more we use our heating and air conditioning, the more care it needs to work to our expectations. Choosing prompt service restores:

  • Quality of heating and air conditioning
  • Indoor air health
  • Longevity of the central air system
  • Safety and functionality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home comfort
  • Peace of mind

Paying attention to your central air system can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes time for AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

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Why AC Repairs in Huntington Beach Happen

What causes AC repairs in Huntington Beach? There are many different reasons why.

  • Physical damages to the system
  • Preexisting repairs
  • Spoiled parts
  • Incorrect service by previous technicians
  • Poor usage habits
  • Buildup and obstruction
  • Old age and overuse
  • General negligence

While normal wear and tear from repeated use is inevitable, it does cause AC repairs in Huntington Beach. Just like any other machine we use regularly, over time parts wear down, need adjustments or replacements.

For most homes, the primary reason for AC repairs in Huntington Beach is due to buildup.

Buildup begins inside the home. Tiny particles, germs, allergens and other debris contribute to buildup. Whenever heating and air conditioning runs, airflow lifts these particles and moves them through the system. The air filter stops some particles and germs from passing into the furnace. However, it cannot stop 100 percent of particles. As a result, at least half of the particulate matter makes it through. When this happens, particles and germs settle in hard to reach places, coating fins, blades, motors and other sensitive pieces.

Over time, more and more particles settle in the same places. Eventually, they grow into a thick and sticky mass. This buildup destroys the interior of the central air system and interferes with everyday air conditioning. Because the central air system is forced to work against buildup, it goes through much more trouble than it normally would to deliver heating and air conditioning.

With buildup, the system is most likely weak to AC repairs in Huntington Beach. Additionally, buildup causes:

  • A weak and dirty system
  • Low energy efficiency
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Reduced home comfort
  • Technical damages
  • A shorter system lifespan
  • Unreliable air conditioning

Buildup causes a number of AC repairs in Huntington Beach. Fortunately, if you can manage indoor buildup, you can also reduce the chance for necessary repairs.

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Understanding Common AC Repairs in Huntington Beach

AC repairs in Huntington Beach come in all different types and sizes. It would be difficult to predict what repair you would need as opposed to your neighbor. However, when it comes to air conditioning, there are AC repairs in Huntington Beach that your technicians see time and time again.

  • Frozen evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are a set of metal tubes that sit on top of the furnace. These hollow coils fill with compressed refrigerant during the air conditioning process. Compressed refrigerant is very, very cold. When it enters the evaporator coils, the refrigerant chills the coils to low temperatures. As indoor air passes over these coils, a heat exchange takes place. Home air is cooled and the coils grow warm. Cooled air is then pushed through the air ducts and emptied into the home. Meanwhile, the coils refill with compressed refrigerant, preparing to cool the next batch of air.

Because the coils fluctuate in temperatures, they condensate and drip water. Constantly wet, these coils attract plenty of germs and particles carried through by the air they cool. Over time, a solid coat of buildup covers the evaporator coils. Now, the coils cannot cool air. Instead, it cools the buildup covering it. Eventually, the buildup freezes into place.

Once the evaporator coils freeze, air conditioning becomes incredibly inefficient. The temperature in the home may never be where you want it. It also costs much more energy for the air conditioner to work.

It can be difficult to detect the need for AC repairs in Huntington Beach for frozen coils. However, if you experience any issues at all with air conditioning, call your technician. Until you receive your AC repairs in Huntington Beach, avoid using the central air altogether.

  • Clogged condensate lines

Air conditioning always results in water. To keep the central air system safe from water hazards, the condensate lines work to remove water.

As water drips off the equipment, it collects in the drip pan. The condensate pump moves water from the pan into the lines. The condensate lines then usher the water all the way through until it exits at an external location. Healthy condensate lines are crucial to safe heating and air conditioning. Unfortunately, they are quite prone to AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

As water drips off the equipment, it also washes with it germs, particles and other allergens. These substances thicken the water in the drip pan. This entire mixture enters the condensate lines, and many times clog with buildup.

You will know that you need AC repairs in Huntington Beach for condensate lines. You might smell microbiological growth, see puddles of water around the furnace floor or find water stains.

Be sure to call your technician for AC repairs in Huntington Beach and do not use your air conditioning until repairs have been delivered.

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Avoiding AC Repairs in Huntington Beach Right From Home

You can avoid many AC repairs in Huntington Beach. While old and normal wear cannot be prevented, you can take control of the buildup that contributes to AC repairs in Huntington Beach. In addition, incorporating a couple of steps to care for your central air system adds years to its life while elevating air conditioning quality.

Where does buildup begin? It starts with indoor air pollution, which is present in every single home. Everyday, we breathe in particles like:

  • Textile fibers from furniture and clothes
  • VOCs from fragrances and cleaning agents
  • Human and animal dander
  • Fecal matter and insects
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Outdoor allergens
  • Tobacco and cooking smokes
  • Oils and greases
  • Odors
  • Lead
  • Radon
  • Asbestos
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Microbiological growth
  • Germs and bacteria

In addition to sources of pollution right from inside our homes, windows and doors allows outdoor allergens to enter as well. This creates a complicated atmosphere for our central air systems.

First, cut down on sources for indoor air pollution. Replace textiles with hypoallergenic alternatives. Use friendlier cleaning solutions over harsh ones. Limit the use of fragrances inside the home. Caulk leaks around the home to block outdoor allergens from entering. By taking full control over pollution and contamination, you successfully reduce the buildup that causes AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

Second, clean often. Clean not only the home but also the central air system. Wipe down vents, registers and ceiling fans. Keep the furnace closet neat and never double it as a storage unit. Wash the condenser unit outside. The cleaner the equipment is, the less damaging buildup is likely to accumulate inside of it.

Third, replace the air filter to the furnace as often as possible. The air filter literally strains particles and germs out of the air supply. A clean air filter removes up to 50 percent of indoor particulate matter and reduces energy spending by 15 percent.

However, most homeowners reuse the same air filter over extended periods of time, thinking this saves money. The opposite is true. A dirty air filter causes all sorts of AC repairs in Huntington Beach. Instead, replace air filters every few months to prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages.

Incorporating one or all of these steps drastically improves home environment and reduces the chance for AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

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Preventing 90 Percent of AC Repairs in Huntington Beach with HVAC Pros

With repeated use over time, the central air system ages and will not work the as it did in the past. Regular maintenance stops early aging and reduces the need for AC repairs in Huntington Beach.

HVAC contractors recommend maintenance for anyone who wants to avoid 90 percent of AC repairs in Huntington Beach. Maintenance, needed just twice a year, is the best medicine you can provide for your home, air and air conditioning equipment.

Homeowners who choose maintenance regularly experience:

  • Reliable heating and air conditioning
  • Healthier and safer equipment
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Elevated indoor air quality
  • A longer lasting system
  • Lower cost per use
  • Better home comfort
  • Peace of mind

HVAC maintenance focuses on restoring proper operation, safety, hygiene and efficiency. During maintenance, your technician:

  • Evaluates the entire unit
  • Scrubs the unit clean of buildup, debris and water
  • Monitors performance quality
  • Inspects each part of the unit for health and functionality
  • Adjusts attachments, settings, connections and wires
  • Checks for gas leaks, water leaks and refrigerant leaks
  • Tests and retests safety switches
  • Measures airflow, energy expenditure and pressure settings
  • Identifies weaknesses, repairs and damages
  • Delivers correct treatment for full restoration

Maintenance is preventative treatment, so your technician solves issues before they set into costs. It also gives your technician the chance to care for your particular air conditioner and attend to its unique needs, weaknesses and quirks.

To prevent 90 percent of AC repairs in Huntington Beach, schedule maintenance twice a year.

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