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No matter what troubles your central air system, we have the solution. Leave your AC repairs in Garden Grove to Service Champions experts. We promise your total satisfaction.

Why Make AC Repairs in Garden Grove Fast?

In fact, most high costs for repairs stem from negligence and procrastination. If you can properly identify when you need AC repairs in Garden Grove and schedule appointments quickly, you should never need to pay big for service.

What exactly makes AC repairs in Garden Grove so expensive? The longer you wait to make these repairs, the more time there is for these damages to spread. What could have been just one repair multiples into several, which is why homeowners pay so much.

All the parts of the central air system are connected, one to the other. When one part suffers damages, those damages spread and infect other parts. For example, say that your air conditioning has not been as strong as you would like and that the air flowing out of the vents is low in pressure. Your central air system may simply have a dirty air filter. A quick replacement solves the issue.

However, if you procrastinate or ignore the problem and fail to replace the air filter, you have more problems than just poor airflow. Reduced airflow also impacts energy expenditure and indoor air quality. So, now you may experience issues with an overheated furnace, frozen evaporator coils and even stalled blower motors. Instead of one repair, you now have to make four or five AC repairs in Garden Grove.

For this reason, make AC repairs in Garden Grove as soon as you notice the need.

What signs point to necessary repairs?

· Does air conditioning smell?

· Is the air conditioner loud when it runs?

· Has the utility bill increased?

· Has indoor air quality decreased?

· Do you notice a dip in home comfort?

Any of these symptoms signal an underlying issue that may develop into AC repairs in Garden Grove, if not already. Schedule appointments as soon as possible to avoid high costs and protect the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner.

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What Causes AC Repairs in Garden Grove?

Why might you need AC repairs in Garden Grove? What cause them to happen? For most, AC repairs in Garden Grove are caused by a combination of reasons.

· An old or overused system

· Spoiled parts

· Preexisting repairs or damages

· Physical trauma to the system

· Misuse or abuse

· Negligence

· Obstruction

· Buildup

· Normal wear and tear

Any one of these reasons causes AC repairs in Garden Grove. Some cannot be prevented; others can. The most popular reason why homeowners need AC repairs in Garden Grove is because of buildup.

Buildup stems from indoor air pollution, and indoor air pollution affects heating and air conditioning more than homeowners think. While no one likes to admit it, our homes are much dirtier than we know. There are so many sources for particles and germs, contributing to low home comfort, poor energy efficiency and damaging system buildup.

Whenever air conditioning runs, airflow sweeps particles and germs from the home into the central air system. The air filter captures some of these particles. Others slip pass and settle inside the furnace and air conditioner. Particles and germs collect over blades, fins, motors, wires and other pieces.

Eventually, as more and more particles collect they turn into one solid sticky mass. Buildup usually grows too large for parts to work against. By this point, parts of the air conditioner move, separate or break apart because of buildup, leading to AC repairs in Garden Grove.

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Understanding Common AC Repairs in Garden Grove

Sometimes, the same AC repairs plague homeowners time and time again. This can be for many reasons like common misunderstandings, misuse or simple wear and tear. Understanding why and how these AC repairs happen can ease the discomfort. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these common AC repairs in Garden Grove.

· Clogged condensate lines

Condensate lines are hollow lines that remove excess water away from the central air system. These lines come into good use during the air conditioning process, which results in condensation.

The condensate line system consist of the lines themselves, a drip pan and a condensate pump. Once water drips off the central air system, it collects into the drip pan. The pump moves the water from the pan into the line. The water moves through the line and exits at an external location.

Sometimes, debris mixes into the pan and moves up the line with the water. As this happens, the debris creates a clog or block, stopping water from exiting and backing into the pan.

AC repairs in Garden Grove for clogged condensate lines are common. If you need this repair you might smell microbiological growth or see water stains or puddles around the central air system. When you need AC repairs in Garden Grove for condensate lines, refrain from using the air conditioning. Wait until your technician arrives and makes corrections.

· Frozen evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are another important part of the air conditioning process. These metal coils sit on top of the furnace and fill with compressed refrigerant whenever the thermostat prompts for cooling. As they fill with refrigerant, the metal coils drop to low temperatures. Indoor air passes over these cooled coils and a heat transfer takes place. Air grows cool while the coils grow warm. Motors push the cooled air through the air ducts and into the home. Meanwhile, the coils refill with compressed refrigerant for the next cycle of cooling.

Because evaporator coils constantly fluctuate in temperature, they are prone to condensation. They grow sticky with water, making it easy for passing particles and germs to stick onto their sides. As a result, buildup begins to collect over these coils.

Over time a solid film of particles coats the coils and freezes into place. When it grows bad enough, air conditioning comes to a halt. This is because instead of cooling passing indoor air, the coils cool the buildup on top.

You can rightly suspect AC repairs in Garden Grove for frozen evaporator coils if you do not feel cool air despite the thermostat’s condition. Additionally, you may experience odd smells from the vents.

Call your contractor for prompt AC repairs in Garden Grove. Do not use the air conditioner.

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How to Prevent AC Repairs in Garden Grove from Home

It is possible to prevent AC repairs in Garden Grove. You can do it right from home. While it takes work, it is well worth the effort. Homeowners can prevent the majority of AC repairs in Garden Grove with proper home care and equipment maintenance.

Buildup causes most AC repairs in Garden Grove. If you reduce buildup, you reduce AC repairs in Garden Grove. What contributes to buildup? Thousands of different particles and germs inside the home dirty the central air system.

How can you reduce buildup particles inside the home?

· Replace heavy textiles like carpet, furniture and drapes with hypoallergenic options

· Opt for friendly cleaning solutions

· Limit pet access and smoking inside the home

· Double up on house cleaning, wiping vents and ceiling fans

· Insulate the home

· Caulk windows and doors to stop outdoor allergens from entering

· Switch windows for energy efficient glass

· Clean the filter to the kitchen stove

· Limit or eliminate the use of candles, aerosols and deodorants

Second, to prevent AC repairs in Garden Grove from home, replace the air filter to the air conditioner every few months.

This is a crucial step in preventing future AC repairs in Garden Grove. While most homeowners try to overuse air filters to save money, this actually hurts energy efficiency. A clean air filter saves you 15 percent on energy expenditure. It also captures up to 50 percent of all airborne particles and germs. This means that not only is your home air cleaner to breathe, the interior of the central air system is better protected against damaging buildup.

How often should you replace the air filter in order to prevent AC repairs in Garden Grove? It depends on the cleanliness of your home, the model of your furnace and the type of air filter you have.

A good way to start is to remove the air filter and see what color the filter material is. If the filter material is shades darker than the frame, which is often white, it is time to replace the air filter. Check every month to see when the color change occurs, and you will have a better idea of how dirty your home air is and how often you should replace the air filter.

Work with Technicians to Prevent AC Repairs in Garden Grove

HVAC technicians always recommend maintenance for homeowners who want to avoid AC repairs in Garden Grove. Maintenance is preventative treatment that helps you avoid 90 percent of all expensive repairs and permanent damages.

Furnaces and air conditioners that receive maintenance:

· Routinely outlast those that do not

· Deliver better heating and air conditioning

· Are cleaner and healthier

· More reliable

· Use less energy

· Are safer to use

· Experience fewer repairs and damages

How does maintenance prevent 90 percent of AC repairs in Garden Grove? During maintenance, your contractor:

· Evaluates the entire air conditioner and furnace

· Searches for apparent defects, damages and changes

· Scrubs the unit clean, inside and out

· Removes buildup, water, microbiological growth and debris

· Tests for energy efficiency and proper operation

· Adjusts wires, attachments, covers and connections

· Measures energy expenditure, air pressure and airflow

· Resets safety switches and other settings

· Monitors air conditioning and heating performance

· Identifies weaknesses and necessary repairs

· Delivers correct treatment for full restoration

When your contractor completes maintenance, you can trust that your unit is clean, healthy, safe and efficient for use. Because natural wear is inevitable, some usage habits may also need to change. However, with regular maintenance you should be able to enjoy your furnace and air conditioner’s extended service lifespan.

Maintenance is the best way to prevent AC repairs in Garden Grove because it treats the unit before issues develop into serious repairs. In addition, maintenance costs a fraction of an actual repair.

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