5 Service Champions Guarantees: We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

At Service Champions, we whole-heartedly believe that we are a service company first and an air conditioning and heating company second. We are here to serve you and it is so much a part of who we are that we put it in our name!

A guarantee is essentially a promise – a promise above even the most sacred pinky promise. At Service Champions, we have many guarantees but have chosen to highlight five of the that show how we put our money where our mouth is.

You Will Save Money from a Precision Tune-Up

Our air conditioning and furnace tune-up specials are $88. And there’s more. You will save at least $88 on your energy costs over the following five months, guaranteed – or we will refund your $88. That leaves your net cost at $0 at most, no matter what.

Why do we do this? Because we care about you. Our tune-ups are designed to benefit you and if they don’t, you shouldn’t have to pay for them. Period.

You Will Get Great Same-Day Service

We are focused on quality and service. That’s why when you purchase a heating or air conditioning system from us, you can get service on the same day you request it. If you have worked with other heating and cooling companies in the past, you know this is unheard of. But we believe that since you purchased from us, you deserve to have a working system, no matter the time or day.

Your Home Will Be Better Than We Found It

Stop worrying about contractors coming in your home and leaving a mess behind. We hire only the best, most courteous employees and we train them to clean up everything. That means when we leave your home after installing your new heater or air conditioner, it will be in better shape than how we found or we will pay for a cleaning service to clean your entire home.

You Will Have Help Available 24/7

Heating and air conditioning emergencies never happen at a convenient time (that’s why they are called emergencies). And as a service company, we believe we should be there to help no matter what. That’s why we made the decision to be available to you 24-hours a day, every day, all year long. You are worth the extra effort.

Your System Will Be Repaired Within 24 Hours

When you call Service Champions, you can rest assured knowing that our professional and experienced technicians have the skills and tools to solve any problem. In fact, we are so sure of it that, if in the unlikely event your heating or cooling equipment installed by us is having problems, we guarantee we will have your air conditioner or heater up and running again within 24 hours of our arrival, or we will pay for you to stay at a hotel.

While other companies cut costs and cut corners, Service Champions is focused on providing outstanding customer service that you can’t help but share with your neighbors. It’s in our core. It’s who we are. It’s our name.

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