Technician “Steps Up” To Help Her Down The Stairs

Service Champions technician Geraldo was just finished with a service call in Villa Park and was getting ready to leave when the client’s wife and parents pulled up in a car to the home.

The client had a lot of work being done at his home, and with all the distractions, his mother was left at the top of the steps that lead down from the home.

She had some mobility issues and was looking at the steps worriedly, waiting for someone to return to help her.

Geraldo noticed what was going on and decided to literally “step up” and offer to help her himself.

“Could you use some help getting down the stairs?” he asked her in Spanish.

Then Geraldo offered his arm and she gladly took it. Together they took the steps down and she was glad to get down there safely and smiled and thanked Geraldo. Geraldo, thanks for being so attentive – that’s a sweet Good Deed For Free!