Explaining Good Deeds For Free To A Confused Texan

Service Champions technician Roberto was working in Anaheim doing a tune-up when the client’s niece pulled into the driveway.

The client exclaimed, “Oh, my niece is here!”

The homeowner was particularly excited because her niece had driven all the way from Texas for a visit.

As the niece placed her luggage in the doorway, Roberto asked if the client wanted his help taking the luggage up the stairs.

The niece looked puzzled – why was a service technician offering to help with her bags?

But the client jumped in to reassure her niece that this was completely normal.

“Oh, this is what Service Champion technicians do – Good Deeds. We always really appreciate it,” she said.Roberto smiled and proceeded to carry the luggage up the stairs. “It felt good to help them out,” Roberto said. “The flight of stairs was big, about 18 steps.”

Roberto, thanks for showing a Texan some Service Champions hospitality! That’s another Good Deed For Free!