Technician Gets DVD Player Set Up When A Family Member Can’t Visit To Help

Our technician Kalani was performing a tune-up for a client in Chino and she was telling him about how her niece hadn’t visited for a while.

“My niece is trying to protect me and not stress me out with COVID,” the homeowner said. “She wants to make sure I isolate so I don’t get it.”

The client said her niece was normally the one who did things like set up her new DVD player, but now that would have to wait.

Kalani said it wouldn’t have to wait because he could do it for her.

At first the homeowner said Kalani didn’t have to do that, but after he explained that Service Champions encourages Good Deeds, she agreed.

“I got it all set up for her,” Kalani said. “She was really super ecstatic about it when I was done and thanked me,” Kalani said.

Kalani, thanks for taking the time to get that done for your client – that’s another Good Deed For Free!