Technician Helps His Client With Dog Enclosure

Service Champions technician Matthew arrived at a Riverside home to work on an air conditioning unit and discovered an obstacle.

“The client explained that she had her big dog enclosure covered with netting to prevent coyotes from getting to her little chihuahua dogs,” Matthew said. “But the unit I needed to get to was blocked by the netting.”

The homeowner was worried that Matthew wouldn’t do the work since she hadn’t got it out of his way. But instead Matthew told he he’d be happy to remove it himself.

“Most companies wouldn’t do that,” she said. “I really appreciate it.” She told Matthew not to worry about it when he was finished with his work – she would get a neighbor to help her put it back on.

But Matthew wanted to go the extra mile for her, and he put it back in place when he was done.

“She was super grateful,” Matthew said. “I was glad to be able to help her and save her some time.”

Matthew, thanks for doing the meaningful extras for your clients – that’s another Good Deed For Free!