Are Space Heaters Dangerous?

One of the best things about living in Southern California is the weather. We consistently see sunny and warm temperatures well into fall. Our winter is mild and short compared to other places. Though we have a short winter, it can be described as wet and cold. Because of this, we hear a lot of homeowners asking, are space heaters dangerous?

Space heaters seem like an effective short-term heating solution, but they come with a laundry list of hazards. Many homeowners believe space heaters are a great way to keep their home cozy without central heating, therefore we’re sharing the safety dangers of space heaters.

Flammable Material

In case you didn’t know, space heaters are responsible for 44% of home fires. A majority of those fires are started because the space heater was placed too close to flammable materials. Bedding, carpeting, curtains, clothes, and blankets are only a few of the items in your home that could lead to a space heater induced fire.

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If you are going to use a space heater, you should keep it at least three feet away from anything that could be considered flammable. This includes carpet. Running your space heater on any carpeting runs the risk of starting a home fire. If your home does get this cold during the winter, practice extra diligence to make sure your family stays cozy and safe.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There are two types of space heaters: electric and fuel burning. While electric space heaters do not pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, the same can’t be said for their fuel-burning counterparts. Running a fuel-burning space heater in an enclosed space is a huge safety danger. Without ventilation, anyone in this confined area could suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Also, no matter what, always check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. No matter which space heater you use, these alarms could be the difference between life and death.

Circuit Overload

Just like a furnace or HVAC system, space heaters need a lot of power. Without a dedicated circuit, any space heater can be a considerable safety danger. It’s incredibly easy to overload your circuits by plugging a space heater directly into the wall, using a surge protected power strip, or a three-prong extension cord. If a space heater were to overload a circuit it could “blow a fuse” or lead to an electrical fire.

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Unattended Consequences

Nothing makes us clutch our pearls like an unattended space heater. We understand, life happens, the phone rings or something is needed in the kitchen and you step away from your space heater. Despite how hyper-vigilant anyone can be, an unattended space heater is an accident waiting to happen.

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Between children and pets, these heat emitting appliances can be pushed, pulled, or knocked over far too easily. This is just another way space heaters are dangerous. When we combine that with the threat of flammable materials, all we see is a tragic accident waiting to happen.

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