Heating and Cooling

Many parts of the home relate to heating and cooling.  This includes energy spending, home comfort, cleanliness and even indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality refers to the purity and health of home air. Because the heating and cooling system runs all through the house, so does the air. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for air pollution even from inside the home.

Heating and Cooling on a Dirty Air Filter

The best way to fix dirty indoor air is through the air filter on the heating and cooling system.

A dirty or old air filter:

· Limits the amount of air that enters the heating and cooling system

· Causes the evaporator coils to freeze

· Results in tough buildup

· Results in damages and repairs

· Increases energy spending

· Lowers indoor air quality

The air filter for the heating and cooling system needs to be replaced regularly. It may be once a month or every few months, depending on your home and lifestyle goals. It also depends on your particular heating and cooling system. High-efficiency heating and cooling systems require more frequent changes. Likewise, finer air filters need more changes as they capture more particles with each run.

Duct With Hole

Heating and Cooling with Leaks in the Air Ducts

The air ducts are usually placed in the attic. The attic is its own special environment, very different from the rest of the home. Temperatures inside the attic can reach triple digits. In addition, there are hundreds of different pollutants in attic air.

When the air ducts have leaks and holes, cleaned air from the heating and cooling system seep out. In return, dirty attic air enters the home through the same holes in the air ducts. This introduces dirty and stale attic air into the home. As a result, home air is highly polluted with foreign particles and bacteria. Also, the temperature in the home constantly changes with the addition of attic air.

Tears in the air ducts should be repaired immediately. Otherwise, pollution from the attic will always enter the home when the heating and cooling system runs.

Heating and Cooling with Indoor Pollutants

The culprits of home pollution are everywhere in the house. Unfortunately, more often than not, these sources are nearly impossible to avoid.

· Attic – asbestos, dust, insects

· Living areas – carpeting, furniture, smoke, chemicals

· Kitchen – smoke, chemicals, carbon monoxide

· Garage, basement – radon, solvents, carbon monoxide, disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, yard waste

· Bathrooms – microbiological growth, cleaning chemicals, hair, dust

· Bedrooms – dust, mites, pet dander, mothballs

Homeowners who need absolutely clear indoor air should keep the home as clean as possible. Opting for eco-friendly cleaning solutions and hypoallergenic fabrics also helps.

For Homeowners Who Need Exceptional Indoor Air from Heating and Cooling

Some homes need pristine air. Whether this is due to sensitive allergies or other lifestyle needs, air simply needs to be cleaner and purer than for the average home. For these homeowners, there are HVAC solutions.

First, homeowners should choose a higher grade of air filter for their heating and cooling systems. While it may take some experimentation, anything from a MERV-12 to MERV-16 grade air filter should significantly remove pollutants like fine particles and bacteria.

Second, homeowners can opt for air cleaning systems that attach to the heating and cooling. These air cleaning systems include Air Scrubber Plus, BioGuard and UV lights. Each system works to kill bacteria and purify air every time the heating and cooling system runs.

Third, homeowners should always schedule heating and cooling maintenance. Regular heating and cooling maintenance keeps the entire system clean of harmful buildup and chemicals. As a result, air is cleaner and the heating and cooling system lasts longer.

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