What is Causing Your Scary Furnace Noises?

It’s nine O’clock, you’re in bed (hey, it was a long day) and the house is quiet. Suddenly you hear a click and then a subtle noise that gradually gets louder. Is it a screeching? A growling? Or more like a sudden boom that is then gone? Whatever it is, your furnace is not haunted, we promise.

Furnaces, especially older ones, can make a variety of different noises – some of them mean you should get your furnace checked out immediately and some are just normal operation. Here’s a list of a few of the most common scary furnace noises.

  • Booming – Sometimes you may hear a boom when your furnace starts. This is caused by a buildup of gas from a delayed ignition. This can be a serious problem and you should call a heating professional to check this out as soon as possible.
  • Screeching – Grinding, squealing or screeching noises coming from your furnace are most likely a result of problems with a bearing, belt or the motor. While this isn’t dangerous, if left it can cause larger repairs later.
  • Clicking – Some Southern California homeowners report that their furnace makes a constant clicking noise and doesn’t light. Usually, a leaking gas valve or loose wiring is to blame.
  • Rattling – If your furnace sounds like it has a screw loose when it is running, it might. Sometimes a rattling noise can be fixed by simply tightening the cover panels. Other times, though, a rattling can indicate a leak in your heat exchanger (which can result in carbon monoxide leaking into your home.)
  • Rumbling – There is a slight but discernable difference between a rattling and rumbling furnace. Rumbles indicate that your gas burners are dirty or your pilot light may need to be adjusted.

When to Get Scary Furnace Noises Checked Out

You should always get new unusual furnace noises checked out by a heating professional as soon as possible. If the noise is new, something has changed and it could indicate a dangerous condition.

Even if the noise doesn’t reveal danger, it is usually an indication of a problem. If not repaired, the small problem can snowball into a larger repair later on. Of course, the best remedy to scary furnace noises is regular preventative maintenance.

Are there noises from your furnace keeping you up at night? Want a straight answer to the problem? Schedule a service with one of our heating professionals today.