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Why Is My Furnace Making A Squealing, Clicking, Rattling Noise

Why Is My Furnace Making A Squealing, Clicking, Rattling Noise
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October 21, 2015
Why Is My Furnace Making A Squealing, Clicking, Rattling Noise
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Why Is My Furnace Making A Squealing, Clicking, Rattling Noise

Why Is My Furnace Making A Squealing, Clicking, Rattling Noise

What Are Those Noises From Your Furnace?


Throughout the lifespan of your central air system, your furnace can produce an array of mysterious noises that cause concern or bother. Specific noises detail underlying problems within the furnace. Identifying the cause can help you and your preferred HVAC technician to restore the health, performance quality and safety of your home furnace system.

Furnace Making a Squealing Noise

Furnace Noises Fix 200x300 - Why Is My Furnace Making A Squealing, Clicking, Rattling NoiseWhen your furnace makes a squealing or squeaking noise, it is generally a sign that the bearings of the blower motor or the inducer motor are wearing out.

Alternatively, when the pieces of the blower motor become misaligned, a loud squealing or squeaking noise results. This is when the blower motor wheel and blower housing scrape against each other. Specifically it is the friction between these two pieces that generates noise.

Furnace Making a Clicking Noise

Inside of the furnace is a control board that contains several switches, which flip on and off throughout each cycle the furnace runs to condition air. The flipping on and off of these powerful switches creates the noise identified as “clicking” within the furnace.

A second reason why your furnace may click is when the same blower motor or inducer motor becomes jilted and positions itself in such a way that it continually hits or touches another part that it shouldn’t. Whether these motors were thrown into misalignment by an external force or simply improperly installed, the attention of your HVAC technician can restore the correct alignment and eliminate the source of the noise.

Furnace Making a Rattling Noise

In order for blower motors to work efficiently and properly, they must always remain in balance. To ensure this balance, blower motor wheels typically come with balancing weights or clips attached to them. When these weights are thrown, a rattling noise occurs. Dirt that has built up underneath the wheels can also act as additional weight and manipulate the balance.

Other explanations for a rattling furnace can be loose screws or stray scrap metal within the cabinet housing or burner assemblies.

Abnormal noises of any kind should be deferred to the attention of your preferred HVAC contractor. Many times, noise-related problems are connected to the blower motor, which, if endangered, can cause severe damage to the furnace and destroy its internal parts.

Service Champions’ Perfect Way to Furnace Maintenance

Service Champions expert technicians share a sincere concern for your home comfort and furnace performance quality.

Our specialists always service your central air system with the most advanced methods available because they train for 150 hours annually on new and developing HVAC technology. They pass drug tests and background checks. Before your scheduled appointment, we send an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know exactly who to expect. With each visit, we bring exceptional customer care and expert technical service.

To learn more about Service Champions’ approach to furnace maintenance or other air care methods, contact one of our friendly representatives in the call center or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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