Homeowner Struggles To Move Wheelchair Ramp… And Our Tech Steps In To Get The Good Deed Done

As Service Champions technician Damon arrived at a Laguna Beach home for a service call, he immediately noticed his client wrestling with a wheelchair ramp next to her porch.

“You look like you could use some help with that,” Damon said.

The homeowner explained that she had some gardeners coming to clean up her yard, but she needed to temporarily remove the ramp from the porch so they could pull weeds around and under the porch.

“I can usually move them myself, but with so much rain lately, they’re harder to move,” she said.

No problem, Damon told her. “I think I can help you out.”

She was appreciative that Damon would volunteer. She explained that she was storing them in her garage. The ramp was in two pieces so he was able to move each one for her and get them out of the way so the yard work could be done.

“She was very grateful that I helped,” Damon said. “And I was happy to do it.”

Thanks for lending a hand, Damon – that’s another Good Deed For Free!