4 Indoor Air Quality Facts You Need to Know

Indoor air pollution is a growing and disturbing trend in many homes and businesses throughout Southern California. As buildings are built more and Air Filters2 300X199 1more airtight for energy efficiency, your home loses natural ventilation and traps indoor pollutants inside your home.

This leads to poor indoor air quality. Before shrugging this problem off, read the following indoor air quality facts.

You breathe in 15,000 quarts of air per day.

Clean water is extremely important to your health and well-being. However, the recommended amount of water you should consume each day is about two quarts. In contrast, you breathe in 7,500 times as much air.

While many people understand the importance of clean water, they ignore or are unaware of the importance of breathing in clean, healthy air.

Your health is related to air quality.

In case you were not already convinced that the quality of the air you breathe affects your health, the American Lung Association lists air pollution as its leading cause of lung cancer. Also, the American Heart Association has linked poor air quality to heart problems and heart disease.

You spend 90% of your day inside.

The U.S. Government and Environemntal Protection Agency (EPA) have recognized the importance of clean air enough to implement rules and laws that guide processes for improving outdoor air quality in major cities. But, if you are like the average American, you spend very little time outside in your city.

In fact, in research done by the EPA, it is estimated that you spend 90% of your day indoors. So then, doesn’t it make sense to focus more energy and resources to improving indoor air, too?

Your home’s air quality may be up to 100 times worse than outside air.

Not only do you spend the majority of your time inside, but the air quality is usually much worse. The EPA found that most homes’ indoor air quality is 2-3 times worse than the worst outdoor air, with some homes’ pollution levels as much as 100 times worse. These findings were enough for the EPA to list indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental dangers facing the American public.

Fortunately, you are not doomed to poor indoor air quality and the health problems that come with it. There are a number of indoor air quality solutions that can purify and clean your home’s air.

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