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The air quality in Claremont has much to be desired – and that’s putting it mildly. It’s actually significantly worse than the national average. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning brings the best air quality straight into your home. We have been working with the families of Claremont to repair the indoor air quality. Our technicians want to strengthen the filters inside your central air system and use performance air cleaners for additional cleaning so you have healthy, clean air to breathe.

Furnace repairs and AC maintenance play a role in quality conditioning as well. Entrust them to your Claremont Service Champions technician and you will not be disappointed with the results. Give us a call today, our representatives are ready to serve you.

We differ from other HVAC contractors by holding ourselves to the highest standard. Read more to get a feel for the Service Champions’ standard of service.

Only Breathe Pure Air

Service Champions brings guaranteed fresh and pure air into your home. Our technicians are known for their expert technical care and superior customer service skills.

We arrive at your home with a fully stocked truck, ready for any situation that may arise pertaining to your heating and air conditioning system.

Before we enter your home, our technicians put on protective coverings over the feet to prevent tracking in any dirt and debris into your home. Any extra equipment we bring in is cleaned up post-installation so that no work remains for you after we leave.

Service Champions technicians have also been trained to cover any floor areas we work near. This protective layer catches all debris and fall-out that may occur during the installation process. If you have any ductwork that needs to be done or if your furnace is located in the attic, we protect all surrounding areas in the vicinity of the attic.

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We perform thorough screenings and background checks. We are also selective when it comes to personality – only those with friendly and kind personalities join the Service Champions team! 

Absolutely. All new technicians undergo a comprehensive 8-10 hour training course. Additionally, it is mandatory for all our technicians to train for 150 hours EVERY year, to keep up with industry developments.

Yes. We have EIGHT clearly written guarantees designed to put you at ease – Read about them here.

Sure – just check out the many rave reviews we have on google.

No. We don’t believe in surprise fees, hidden costs, or anything else that will change the original price quote.

Service Champions Gives You A Superior Experience

Here’s how:

  • Our vehicles are fitted with the newest technology
  • The guarantees we offer you are REAL and RELIABLE
  • We don’t add in any surprise fees 
  • You’ve probably NEVER encountered such friendly and kind technicians

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