This Technician Lends A Hand With Some Heavy Lifting

Service Champions technician Joey was finishing up a tune-up at an Orange home when a truck pulled up. The homeowner’s sister was there with items she had cleaned out of their mother’s home.

They took a few things in, but then Joey saw them struggling together with a heavy brown item. They had gardeners and other people working around the home, but no one seemed to be helping the two women who were struggling with the item.

Joey stepped in and asked if he could help. They were surprised someone asked them but were very happy for the help. They explained this was an antique sewing machine that used to belong to their mom.

Joey estimated that it weighed about 60 lbs. and he admits he was a little worried about how fragile it was as he carried it by himself. But he got it in the house and placed it carefully where they wanted it.

“They were stoked to have it done and have someone help them with it,” Joey said.

Joey, thanks for stepping up and finding a way to lighten your client’s burden with another Good Deed For Free.