Technician Makes Sure This Homeowner Will Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The homeowner in Fullerton had spent the day removing clothes from his closet and putting them on his bed and then taking down the closet rack.

He did this so Service Champions technician Dean would be able to get to the attic – the access point was right through the closet.

When Dean arrived, the homeowner explained he had been on the phone with the Service Champions service center and they said that Dean would be able to help him put the closet back together.

“Sure,” Dean told him. “I can do that, no problem at all.”

Dean got in the attic, finished the service, and then got to work putting the closet back together. The homeowner was a bit tired from getting it apart and Dean knew he could handle this himself.

“The top of the rack was a little tricky,” Dean said. “You have to balance it to get it on right.”

But once he got that set, the rest was pretty easy. Next Dean got all the clothes off the bed and back hanging in the closet.

“You’re set now,” Dean said.

The homeowner told him thank you and that he was relieved knowing everything was back in order and he had his bed back to get a good night’s sleep that night.

Dean, thanks for giving your client peace of mind with another Good Deed For Free!