Technician Uses Vacuum To Make Leaf Problem Disappear

During a recent AC tune-up in San Dimas, our technician Roberto was using his vacuum to clean an AC condenser.

He soon thought of a way to use that same vacuum to help his client with a Good Deed For Free.

“I looked over and saw the client trying to rake up a whole bunch of leaves,” Roberto said. “It was a huge mess on a hill.”

But Roberto had a suggestion for the homeowner.

“Instead of piling and raking those up, why don’t I just turn my vacuum on all those leaves and scoop them up?” Roberto asked.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” the homeowner said.

But Roberto explained Good Deeds For Free, and how Service Champions technicians are encouraged to look for ways to help out.

So they agreed to give it a try, and Roberto turned his vacuum on those leaves and started cleaning it all up. After it was done, there was a clean yard and one happy homeowner.

“Afterwards he was really grateful,” Roberto said. “He kind of couldn’t believe that I actually was willing to do it.”

Roberto, that was one big cleanup – and another Good Deed For Free!