Bad Cleaning Habits to Break

Cleaning the house is usually not on a list of things to do for fun. Despite this, it’s something every homeowner needs to consistently work on. While we know how hard it is to keep an immaculate house, we’re not asking you to do that, it’s easy to have a little balance. Some dust in the corner or a streaky window won’t make a big difference, but there are a few bad cleaning habits it’s time to break. Since we’re spending more time than ever at home. a little change to your cleaning routine could do wonders.

Not Cleaning your Grills or HVAC Filters

The air quality in your home matters. Far too often we see homeowners neglect their vents and HVAC filters. We’ve shared the consequences of not changing your air filter but haven’t talked about vent maintenance.  A bad cleaning habit to break is not cleaning your grills. One great way of taking care of your indoor air quality is by simply vacuuming your grills. Since grills sometimes lay close to the ground or near the ceiling, it’s easy to see how they are missed. The next time you have your vacuum out, give your grills a good suction.

Ignoring Small Plumbing Issues

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At Service Champions, this is a saying we live by, especially when it comes to plumbing. When it comes to small plumbing issues, simply cleaning your sinks and faucets are not enough. Is your sink slow to drain? This could be an indicator of a large backup in your pipes. Dripping faucet? Could be a sign of too much water pressure. Either way, the best thing to do is live by the rhyme: when in doubt, call the plumber out.

Wearing Outdoor Shoes Inside

Think of everything you walk through in any given day, now imagine bringing that back into your home. For this reason alone, we recommend taking shoes off outside or right when you get in. Not only will this save you from some of the bacteria on your shoes, it can save you in vacuuming time. One of the best ways to work with this is by putting a shoe tray or rack by the door.

Cleaning Windows Incorrectly

It’s common practice to spray a window cleaner directly on the glass, but we’re asking you to try a different method, particularly if your home has double pane windows. When liquid cleaner is sprayed directly onto glass, it can pool at the bottom of the window frame. Liquid left too long at the base of the window can work its way between the window and seal. Instead, spray cleaner directly on a cloth and wipe your window. This saves from the pooling effect and saves your seal. Another thing we see is people cleaning their windows with newspaper and paper towels. While these are effective at cleaning, paper products can leave a fibrous residue around window corners, on hardware, and in streaks on the glass.

Don’t Dust First

Finally, the last cleaning habit to break is dusting first. It’s natural to want to hit the dusty surfaces first. They’re easy to see and look so unappealing. But what happens to all the dust you kick up while cleaning the rest of the room? To save yourself the chore of dusting twice, save it until the end. When it’s time to start dusting, clean from top to bottom so any unsettled dust can be easily swept or vacuumed away at the end.

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