Our Technician Sees A Problem… And Our Technician Solves A Problem

At Service Champions, we train our technicians to carefully identify HVAC problems, and to solve those problems for our clients. But that mindset also works for Good Deeds For Free… and sometimes for people who aren’t even our clients!

That’s exactly what happened when Service Champions technician Bohn was on a break at a gas station in Garden Grove.

“I wanted something to drink so I stopped at Arco while I was waiting for my next call,” Bohn said. “I saw a woman near the air pump and she looked really confused.”

Bohn could see she was having a problem figuring out how to fill her tires, so he stepped in to solve it.

“Do you need some help?” he asked.

The woman looked relieved. “Oh yes, please. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Bohn filled the two tires that were low, and he also showed her how to do it so she would know how the next time she needed air.

“She changed around completely once the problem was solved. She seemed pretty worried and upset, and then I did it and she was very, very grateful.”

Bohn, great job seeing a problem and then accomplishing a Good Deed For Free to solve it!