Air Filtration System

Each air conditioner and furnace has an air filtration system in place. The air filtration system works to clean indoor air of harmful and bothersome pollutants. In turn, homeowners get to enjoy safe and efficient heating and air conditioning.

When the air filtration system doesn’t receive the type of care it needs to perform, homeowners experience a number of problems. Fortunately, caring for the air filtration system is not too difficult. In fact, once homeowners see all the benefits of regular maintenance, they commit to total care for their air filtration systems.

Replace the Air Filter for the Air Filtration System

More often than not, outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air. This is because most homes lack proper ventilation, have too many sources for pollutants, and lack maintenance for the air filtration system.

Indoor air particles and germs come from a variety of sources. They include:

  • Organic waste brought in from outside
  • Cooking oils and emissions from the kitchen
  • Textile fibers and allergens from furniture and rugs
  • Dust and dust mites
  • VOCs from cleaning solutions
  • Allergens from pets and animals
  • Microbiological growth

The more sources homeowners remove, the less indoor pollution they experience. Typically, these homes have better indoor air quality, but that isn’t always the case because air filtration systems also play a role.

Air filtration systems only work when the heating and air conditioning runs as well. As the furnace and air conditioner prepare to heat and cool, airflow passes through the air filtration system. Tiny particles and germs are caught and removed from the airflow. As a result, homeowners have cleaner and healthier air to breathe.

The key is to replace the air filter to the air filtration system regularly. Exactly how often should homeowners replace air filters? It really depends on the home and individual preferences.

For the average home, the air filtration system should use a new air filter every two to three months. Using a clean air filter allows homeowners to:

  • Protect the furnace and air conditioner from damages
  • Keep home air clean and germ-free
  • Maintain smart energy efficiency
  • Cut down HVAC costs by 15 percent
  • Experience consistent and reliable heating and air conditioning

Fortunately, replacing filters to air filtration systems is very simple and can be done without an HVAC expert.

Rely on Air Filtration System Maintenance Twice a Year

Every heating and air conditioning expert recommends HVAC maintenance. No matter who the homeowner is and what type of furnace or air conditioner they have, HVAC maintenance is an essential service for home comfort.

HVAC maintenance delivers all the necessary technical adjustments the central air system needs in order to work well and last for a long time. This includes the air filtration system.

With HVAC maintenance the air filtration system is:

  • Scrubbed clean of damaging buildup and growths
  • Tested for proper performance
  • Evaluated for health and safety
  • Fitted with a clean air filter

Homeowners instantly notice better indoor air quality because of the added care the air filtration system receives. In addition, HVAC maintenance delivers preventative care so that homeowners avoid 90 percent of all expensive repairs and permanent damages. HVAC maintenance for the air filtration system is the simplest way homeowners can save the most amount of money for even more benefits.

Heating experts recommend HVAC maintenance for air filtration systems at least twice a year in between major seasons.

Get Repairs Done for Your Air Filtration System

It is also important to have repairs done for the air filtration system when needed. When the furnace and air conditioner work through damages, the entire machine uses more energy for the same load of heating and cooling. In addition, damages spread, costing more the longer homeowners procrastinate.

Homeowners should never procrastinate on repairs like:

  • Incorrectly sized filters for the air filtration system
  • Leaks in the air ducts
  • Jammed vents and registers
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Clogged condensate lines
  • Microbiological growth

In addition, repairs generally make more room for operational errors and outdoor pollution to enter the home. Keeping the air filtration system in good form helps minimize these issues and protect indoor air quality.

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