Air Condition Repair (s) That Should Not Be Ignored

Central air systems are often left unchecked until there is a major problem that requires an air condition repair. Though it’s never a good idea to leave these issues alone to magically fix themselves, there are a few crucial problems that absolutely must be handled in a timely manner.

You will need the help of your certified HVAC specialist.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is kept in a closed tube circuit within the central air system. Though refrigerant leaks are uncommon, they do happen from time to time. Because refrigerant is a gas, it is important that a specialist handles the leak.

Refrigerant is harmful. For that reason, never attempt to fix a suspected refrigerant leak yourself. It is an immediate air condition repair.

Though your HVAC technician can more properly detect a leak, there are some signs you can find yourself:

  • Air conditioning does not feel as cool.
  • Water collects by the furnace
  • Unusually high energy bill
  • Longer AC runs

If you experience more than one of these symptoms with your central air, you may need an air condition repair for your refrigerant coils.

Holes in the Air Duct

When there are holes in the air duct system, you can have plenty of unpleasant results. First, conditioned air travels through the air ducts. When there are holes, cooled air escapes through the holes. Dirty air from the attic can also enter through the same pathways.

During the summer months, the attic temperature can reach triple digits. Bacteria collect in the heat and pollute the air supply through the duct leaks. This causes your central air system to work twice as hard to clean the same amount of air while indoor air quality plummets.

Air duct leaks are a mandatory air condition repair. The longer homeowners put off this air condition repair, the more they spend in energy costs. Also, the air is left unprotected against allergens, dust and other germs.

AC System Shutdown

If the air conditioning system is not turning on or does not work altogether, it is most certainly in need of an air condition repair. Though the cause may not be evident at first, a central air system can shut down for several reasons:

  • Safety switch has been tripped.
  • Air filter is too dirty.
  • Bad coils or wires.
  • Burnt control boards.

Your HVAC specialist can more properly locate the specific air condition repair needed.

Air Condition Repair with Service Champions HVAC

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We lead in furnace and air condition repairs.

Each Service Champions technician is a highly trained professional. Your AC specialist completes air condition repairs with intelligent methods you can trust. You can also count on our customer service for your total satisfaction.

We want to make your heating and air conditioning exceptional. To have us for your air condition repair, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule an appointment online.

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