Why Isn’t My Furnace Heating?

When your furnace stops working, what do you do? Will you need to call for service, or is it something you might beIstock 000005924053Xsmall 201X300 201X300 1 able to fix on your own? How do you know? At Service Champions, we are your furnace repair experts. We know how stressful it can be when your heating and cooling system is on the fritz. Below are a few common reasons customers call us for heating repair and some steps you can follow to help diagnose the problem before having to call for service.

System Won’t Turn On

If your furnace won’t come on, there are a few things you can check. First, make sure the unit isn’t turned off. Check the service switch that is usually located on the side or just above the furnace to see that is in the “on” position. If the problem isn’t with the switch, next head over to your home’s main electrical panel. Check to verify that the circuit connected to your furnace isn’t tripped. If it is, reset the breaker and see if this fixes the problem. If not, the last place we recommend you check would be the thermostat. Make sure your thermostat is set to heat and at a temperature higher than the existing temperature inside your home. If none of these steps make your furnace come on, we recommend you call for service.

Fan Runs, But Doesn’t Produce Heat

When you hear your furnace running, but don’t feel any heat coming out, there could be several causes. First, if your furnace has a pilot light, check to make sure it is lit. If this isn’t the problem, and your furnace does run on gas, check your water heater. If your water heater is working properly, you can eliminate gas supply as the problem. Next, check your air filter and verify it is clean. Your air filter should be changed every month – a dirty filter can cause your furnace to blow cool air as well as perform inefficiently.

The Furnace Shuts Off Before the House Is Warm

If your furnace runs and blows warm air, but cycles frequently or shuts off before the house warms up, there could be a number of issues contributing to this. Again, check your air filter and verify it is clean. If your air filter isn’t to blame, it’s best to contact a professional. Your furnace could be employing a safety feature that keeps the furnace from overheating, or you could be losing air somewhere in your ductwork that keeps your home from warming up. A professional can effectively diagnose the problem for you.

If you’ve tried troubleshooting with the tips above and your furnace is still not working properly, it’s probably time to call in for help. Service Champions has a team of expert technicians experienced in heating repair.

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