This Good Deed Is No Tall Tale

340 Jeramy Gerde Ornaments Inside

Service Champions technician Jeremy was at a Costa Mesa home performing a tune-up when the homeowner noticed that he was tall, and that height could help her with a small project.

She was in the process of decorating her living room windows with some bell ornaments but couldn’t reach up where they needed to go.

“You’re pretty tall,” the client said. “Could you help me hang these?”

“Of course, I’ll be happy to help.”

The client and Jeremy then worked their way around the room, with the homeowner handing Jeremy the ornaments to hang.

“I usually have to use a stick to hang those,” the client said. “Your natural height really came in handy!”

And Jeremy wasn’t done helping. When the homeowner happened to mention that she had new computer speakers and she couldn’t get them to work, Jeremy offered to see what he could figure out.

Sure enough, Jeremy was able to figure out how to wire them up to work. The homeowner was very pleased with everything they accomplished.Jeremy, those Good Deeds For Free really stand out – thanks for all you do for your clients!