Technician Takes Veteran Out For A Nice Dinner

Service Champions technician Dan was at a Huntington Beach home and he got to talking with the homeowner, a Korean War veteran who had recently lost his wife.

“I really enjoyed talking with him and I think he liked having someone to talk to, too,” Dan said. “He didn’t seem to have a lot of family who lived nearby.”

This was Dan’s last call of the day, and he realized he was starting to cut into the man’s dinner hour.

“I told him, ‘hey sorry, I’m taking up your dinnertime,’” Dan said.

“No, I’m just going to heat something up for myself, it’s easy,” the homeowner said.

Dan saw he would be making canned spaghetti or Spam, and that gave him an idea.

“A veteran like yourself, we need to keep your stronger with something a little bigger and healthier,” Dan joked.

The man agreed, but said his wife was the one that used to do most of the cooking.

“Tell you what – let’s go out to dinner someplace nice – it’s on me,” Dan said.

The man happily agreed and Dan took him to a local Hawaiian restaurant that he knew served good food.

“It was great. I ordered like 5 things off the menu so we could sample a lot and he could take home the leftovers,” Dan said. “We got Kobe short ribs, bacon-fried rice, sweet teriyaki chicken, deep-fried chicken, and some poke. Really enjoyed it.”

Dan also said he enjoyed the conversation.

“He told me about serving in the Korean War – he served with an artillery unit,” Dan said. “He told me he’d recently lost some of his war buddies – veterans of the Korean War are getting fewer and fewer.”

They capped off their nice evening with a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway in the client’s Dodge Challenger.

“It’s a cool car and he was proud of it,” Dan said. “He even let me drive it.”

What a great evening and a wonderful connection, Dan. That’s another excellent Good Deed For Free!