Technician Helps Family Prepare for a Mountain Road Trip

Service Champions tech Andres had just finished a tune up at an Altadena home when the homeowner asked him for a hand.

“We’re going on a trip and this is the first time I’m using this cargo holder on top of my car,” the client told him. “I just can’t figure out how to get this big old thing up there by myself – I think it’s a two-man job.”

Andres was of course willing to help out.

The SUV had a roof rack, so they just needed to figure out how to get the large cargo holder on top without damaging the car. After some thinking, they decided to each use a step stool on either side of the car and lift it carefully at the same time.

It went smoothly, with no damage to the car. The client was extremely appreciative and said, “I couldn’t see myself doing that without messing up the car.”

Great job Andres – thanks for lending a helping hand with another Good Deed For Free!