Sprinkler Crisis Solved Thanks To Quick Action By This Technician

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Service Champions does not limit Good Deeds For Free to our clients: if someone needs help and we can do it, we’ll take action!

That happened recently when Service Champions technician Landon was outside servicing a unit at a Garden Grove home when a frazzled next-door neighbor came running over.

“Could you help me?” the neighbor asked. “My sprinklers won’t shut off and my whole yard is going to be flooded if I can’t get my water cut off!”

Landon said the neighbor had no idea where the main water shut-off was in the home, so he had to track it down. He was able to locate it in the garage and stop the flow of water. The neighbor was relieved to no longer be worried her backyard would flood, and very thankful to Landon.

But Landon’s not the type to just rest on his laurels. He also did a Good Deed for his client when he returned. The patio needed power washing and since he already had the hose out to clean the unit, he added a special hose attachment and spent 15 minutes cleaning off the patio, too!

It made his client very happy, too.

Wow, Landon – that’s a day full of Good Deeds For Free – thanks for all that you do!