Our Technician Sees Paint Disaster Looming, So He Saves The Day (And The Floor) With A Drop Cloth

Recently our technician Mike was at a Santa Margarita completing an AC tune-up. He was outside and could see the family in the living room behind the big picture window.

What caught his attention was the family painting project going on. The homeowners were a young couple trying to paint the living room while also watching over their 2-year-old girl and infant son.

You could say they had their hands full!

Mom decided to have the 2-year-old help with the painting, but then the parents got distracted by their infant son.

The little girl started getting very free with the paint brush and Mike saw a messy disaster ahead. He grabbed his drop cloth and ran in to offer to lay it down.

The parents were very grateful for the practical suggestion and happy for the help.

Mike, that’s quick thinking and another thoughtful Good Deed For Free!