My Air Conditioner is Not Turning On

There are number of problems that could contribute to why your air conditioner is not turning on. If you find any of the problems listed below with your central air, contact your local HVAC contractor for additional help.

With warmer weather quickly approaching, more and more people are starting up their central air systems. Homeowners who opt to skip out on air conditioner maintenance may find that their central air is not what they remembered.

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The AC unit won’t turn on

Usually when the outdoor unit doesn’t turn on, it is because something tripped the circuit breaker. When this happens, you can easily reset it after locating the circuit breaker panel.

If you find that the AC unit still does not work, the next place to look is the thermostat. A non-responsive thermostat will fail to communicate with the rest of the central air system. Your HVAC contractor can fix this for you.

Oftentimes, something as simple as power can solve the issue right then and there. If not, there may be a bigger problem relating to the thermostat and wiring.

The AC doesn’t cool evenly

Ducts, or ductwork, are used to transport conditioned air throughout the home, and are sized to match each room of the home. However, other variables that need to be considered, such as how much sun comes in through the windows. To manage natural heat sources and even out air conditioning, we install dampers within the air duct system to control the flow of air.

Your AC contractor will work with you to assess your home environment and customize the air conditioning to each room or area.

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The AC doesn’t cool

When the air conditioning doesn’t feel cool, the problem could lie within the control board. Otherwise, the refrigerant may be to blame. In either case, the attention and care of your air conditioner contractor is needed to restore service.

Refrigerant can be hazardous to handle yourself. For your safety, wait for your trusted air conditioning contractor, who is EPA certified, to deliver proper care.


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The Condenser Unit Turns on and Off Repeatedly

The outdoor condenser unit contains safety controls that automatically shut down the system when the pressure drops below a certain level. Once pressure rises again, the system starts up. Pressure can change with general temperature as well as refrigerant levels contained inside the central air.

If your condenser continues to turn on and off, your AC contractor can assess the safety controls ensure correct performance.

Another reason your AC system could be repeatedly turning on and off is if it’s short cycling. It happens when your AC can’t reach the temperature on the thermostat or reaches that temperature too soon. The machine will constantly turn on and off while never completing a full cycle.

Common Causes of AC Problems


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With age and use, even the best central air system experience changes. There are common air conditioner problems that no central air system can fully escape without the help of an HVAC contractor. These include:

  • Wiring – There are several networks of wires that connect one part of the central air system to the next. Some of these wires are exposed above ground, other are hidden behind walls. When these wires break, erode or are damaged in any way, air conditioner service is impaired.
  • Refrigerant Shortages – Refrigerant in the central air system runs through a closed circuit of tubes. Though refrigerant does not need to be refilled, some central air systems do accumulate leaks. When this happens, refrigerant drips out, contaminating the air supply. Your HVAC contractor repairs this for you, restoring the health of your home air and system.
  • Icy Build Up Ice can build up around the evaporator coils, pipes or even outside the unit. This usually happens when the air filter has not been replaced. A dirty air filter means that the central air system has to work twice as hard to push air through a clogged filter. This results in exceptionally cold air circulating inside the central air before it makes it way through the duct system, freezing out internal parts.
  • Short Cycling – Short cycling is when your system constantly turns on and off and never completes a full cycle. If your AC is unable to reach the temperature set on the thermostat, it will short cycle to reach that setting. When your system is never allowed to take a break, it’ll wear out much faster.It takes the attention and precision of a professional to clean out the icy build up without damaging the delicate parts that make up the internal structure of the air conditioner.
  • Dirty Evaporator Coils, Filters and Condensers – Changing the air filter of your central air is something homeowners can do themselves. The air filter is the first line of defense against bothersome airborne particles and pathogens that plague the air and the air conditioner unit.It’s a simple way to keep the air quality in your home high while protecting the efficiency and cleanliness of the central air system.
  • Faulty Motors When any of the blower motors run at half speed or freeze over, the central air system experiences unnecessary stress. Choosing to replace these motors help the furnace and air conditioner perform efficiently while lasting long.
  • Faulty Compressors Compressors are responsible for pumping compressed refrigerant throughout the air conditioner system, cooling air. When the compressor goes bad, amperage skyrockets in order to keep up with the demands signaled from the thermostat.Your air conditioner contractor needs to replace the condenser, either in part or whole, so that air conditioning in your home is restored.
  • Faulty Thermostats Homes outfitted with faulty thermostats usually have analog thermostats, which cannot keep up with high efficiency models. Today’s thermostats are digital, touch screen and less likely to have problems communicating with the rest of the system. In addition, older thermostats contain mercury, which pose a health hazard inside the home.Any HVAC contractor will recommend having old thermostats replaced with higher efficiency models to save time, money and trouble.

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