Advance Notice: The Telltale Signs of Dying Equipment

The main components of your comfort system are built to last. They can live through several owners and years of successful running seasons. However, the time does come when your air conditioner or furnace stops working, or should be replaced due to safety hazards. Because of this, we’re sharing the telltale signs of dying equipment.

Large pieces of equipment don’t give up without a fight, so keep an eye out for signs that your equipment is nearing the end of its working life.

Air Conditioners and Furnaces show many of the same indications of failure.

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Signs of Dying Equipment

Age – the average lifespan of air conditioners and furnaces is anywhere from 12-20 years. They may last longer, but once your equipment is around this age, you should schedule maintenance regularly.

Noisy Operation – If you hear creaks, squeaks, scratches or other noises while your equipment is running, it could just need a filter change. It could also mean that the motor needs replacement.

Burning Smell – Particularly in the case of furnaces, it is normal to smell dust burning when you turn on heat at the beginning of winter. If this burning smell persists, turn off the furnace immediately. It is possible that the cords or other internal parts have been set aflame and consequently destroyed.

Cracks in the Equipment – Your equipment needs to be replaced if the exterior or interior parts of either the furnace or air conditioner are cracked.

Pilot light wavers – if you need to keep lighting a furnace pilot light, it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Freezing air output – Specific to air conditioners, freezing air output can occur when the blower has run for too long.

If the air conditioner emits freezing air every time it runs it is a sign of an unhealthy equipment. Concerned about your equipment? Schedule maintenance today.

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