3 Easy Tasks You Can Do Now That Will Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

It’s springtime in Southern California, which means the cold weather is behind us and warmer weather is quickly approaching. Here are some tips and tricks to lower your air conditioning bills this summer.

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While you enjoy the beautiful spring weather, here are three easy home maintenance tasks you can do to prepare your air conditioning system for summer and enjoy lower utility bills.

Replace your incandescent light bulbs

Have you ever touched a light bulb that’s been on for awhile and burned yourself? That heat is transferred into your air, raising your home’s temperature and causing you to spend more to cool your home with your air conditioner.

Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient. Only 10-15% of the energy they consume is turned into light. The remaining 85-90% is converted into heat.

In this infrared energy audit, incandescent light bulbs registered at temperatures almost three times hotter than alternative LED and CFL options.

Replace your incandescent bulbs with more energy efficient lights and you will not only save on lighting electricity costs, but you will also lower your summer air conditioning bills.

Schedule your programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 a year if used correctly, according to ENERGY STAR. However, most people do not set their thermostat schedule to take advantage of its energy-saving features.

Learn how you can set your programmable thermostat’s schedule and save on your air conditioning bills this summer.

Install blinds and window coverings

Much of the heat that enters your home is through the windows. The glass allows heat from the sun to enter and then traps it inside, increasing the amount of heat your air conditioner must remove from your home.

You can install more energy-efficient, multiple-pane windows with low-E coating to reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home from the sun. But replacing all your home’s windows can be expensive.

An easier and cheaper solution (although also less effective) is to use your blinds and window coverings wisely. During the day, make sure your curtains and blinds are closed. This will help keep much of the heat outside your home.

Maintenance is important

Of course, if you are serious about saving money (both on monthly utility costs and repairs) you should also schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up.

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