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Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most

Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most
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August 22, 2019
Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most
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August 26, 2019

Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most

Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most

Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most

SC Website HappyMoney Sandra Close Up - Why Our Angriest Clients Always End Up Liking Us The Most

At Service Champions we do more than 200,000 transactions a year. 99.9% of those end up with happy and satisfied homeowners at the completion of the work.

But since our company is 100% staffed by humans, there are rare times where… well, we mess up and things don’t go perfectly.

Here’s the thing about our mistakes: they may be rare, but that just makes us all the more fanatical about doing everything possible to make it right when they do happen. We do absolutely everything we can to go ‘over the top’ and turn an angry client into a raving fan.

As Sara, our Client Advocate at Service Champions says: “If you ever have something go wrong, you want it to be with us.”

That might sound a little strange at first but allow us to explain.

How We Do Things Differently Than Typical Companies

One of the most important commitments we’ve made at Service Champions is to have a Client Advocate position, where the only job is to speak up for our clients internally to make sure that any concern gets the widest possible hearing at the highest levels of our company.

The Client Advocate makes sure we honor our Happy Money Promise (your money back if you are not happy) and that anything we can do to fix the problem gets done fast – and right.

Sara says clients who talk to her are often pleasantly surprised about her role at Service Champions.

“A lot of clients tell me they aren’t used to this from other companies they’ve dealt with,” Sara says. “They can’t believe that we invest in a position that does nothing but advocate for the client and that we actually listen.”

What This Looks Like In Action

To give you an example of what this can look like, here’s what happens if we get a one-star review on social media or any other site we monitor.

Within 5 minutes of it coming to our attention (yes, – 5 MINUTES), the executive team including the owner, the chief operating officer, our marketing director and ALL our operations managers are notified that we’ve received a 1-star review.

They’re given the details that are known with a fuller report to come as fast as Sara can put one together.

Sara then springs into action as the Client Advocate. She does everything she can to identify the client who left the review so they can be contacted.

If she can determine who the client is, she also pulls up their file. Every interaction we have with a client is documented, including any notes from technicians from previous service calls and notes from any time the client called in, who they talked to, and what was the resolution.

“It allows me to put together a timeline,” Sara says. “I make it as complete as possible so anyone on the executive and management teams can see where things have gone wrong.”

Sara doesn’t pull any punches in her analysis of the timeline.

“If we failed to do something, it goes right on the timeline as a mistake,” Sara says. “I put on there, ‘we failed to do this and this.’”

Sara says she is often surprised that it is the littlest things that end up causing some very big problems. She loves that Service Champions digs into the details to get even small things fixed.

Once her timeline is complete, it is sent to the executive team and operations managers. The client will receive a call from owner Leland Smith or another top executive.

The first thing Service Champions does is apologize.

The second thing we do is honor our Happy Money Promise. If you’re not happy you don’t pay, so a refund happens.

Next we dig into specifics with the client to see what we can do to make it right. And, of course, we get a manager on-site as fast as possible to resolve any and all concerns without any delays.

When the homeowner sees that we are 100% serious about our commitment to honoring our word, awesome things start to happen.

This is when our angriest clients transform into the homeowners who like us the best. In this day and age of lousy service (‘press 3 to talk to someone who can’t help you’), people are completely ‘WOWED’ that we do things so differently.

Still Not Done… How We Use All This To Avoid Future Problems

Even a very good company would probably be satisfied at this point. To be able to turn around a negative situation into a huge positive is wonderful.

But being a very good company has never been our goal; our aim is to be the very best.

Whenever a mistake happens in the field or with a response to someone calling in, it is used as an example during meetings to avoid future problems. This doesn’t happen a month later as an afterthought. It will be addressed at the very next daily meeting.

In some cases, a mistake or negative feedback will reveal a shortcoming in policy or procedure. In that case, change is immediate.

“I’ve never worked for a company that makes changes this quickly,” Sara says. “If any kind of problem is identified, it’s ‘okay we’re changing that right now.’ That’s how fast things change.”

If you want to work with a company that takes your satisfaction this seriously, Contact Us for heating and AC services in Southern California.

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